Week 4 - the fearless forecast
OK blow my own trumpet time. That really was a 14-2 record last week. If only my old friend Darin Shaw hadn't pulled the same rabbit out of the hat, I could have had him eating some serious crow this week. I mean, we all got New England-Miami wrong but why did I think Houston was going to win in Tennessee? Doh. No mistakes this week.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
From a Buccaneer perspective, we could do with Atlanta winning this. They are not a good team and are not going to win more than six games this season as they cannot play the Lions or Chiefs every week. But head has to over-rule the heart when it comes to trying to beat the Pigskin Preacher. Pick: Carolina.

San Diego Super Chargers at Oakland Raydurs
How about Al Davis fires Lane Kiffin DURING a game? Can you just picture him being led away from the sideline by the Raider security staff. Who would coach the team? Who is now? Pick: San Diego.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bungles
The Ohio Bowl. Derek Anderson is just so last year. Everyone in Cleveland wants Brady Quinn in there. So does the Bengal defense after they gave up 51 points to him last year. Chad Hanky-Panky or whatever he is called is due a big game. Pick: Cincinnati

Buffalo-Toronto Bills at St. Louis Lambs
The Bills are getting all the schedule breaks right now on their way to a 4-0 start. They played badly last week against Oakland and won. You just can't see them falling over against the worst team in the NFL now that Miami has won. Pick: Buffalo.

Enver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
They are Enver from now on as there is no D in Denver. They are getting all the breaks right now but it's not like they'll need them this week against Bobby Thigpen-out-of-the-bullpen's brother who was quarterbacking the Chiefs until Trent Green tried to resurrect his career again. Pick: Denver.

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Whining Moaning Complaining about the dirty Buccaneer Bears
Boo hoo hoo - those big nasty Eagles kept tackling our players and blocking us. It's not fair. That was a brief extract from the Chicago training complex AFTER this week's game. Little idea guys, don't start something if you're not prepared to finish it. Pick: Philadellphia.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
All the pre-season pundits had these teams competing for the division title and going deep in the post-season. They are a combined 1-5 going into this encounter in All-Tel Stadium. Sorry Matt Schaub, but you've got another long day ahead. Pick: Jacksonville.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
Back in the early days of gridiron on British television, we always got this match-up shown twice a season. I haven't seen any of the Cowboys this season but apparently they look hotter than a Mexican chili. Pick: Dallas.

Arizona Cardinals at the New York J-E-T-S- Jets Jets Jets
If Brett Favre was totally fit, this would be a no-brainer. The Cardinals have spent the week on the East coast after losing in Washington. Being away from home that long totally outweighs the travel element. So in spite of the gimpy No.4, this will be a Big Apple lovefest. Pick: NY Jets.

Green Bay Packers at your very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Battle of the Bays, Baywatch, Bay Bowl. Whatever you want to call it, this a battle of a pair of 2-1 teams that will be thinking playoffs in a few months time. And a tie-breaker would be head-to-head record so a lot is up for grabs at RayJay on Sunday afternoon. No way I can root against the Bucs of course. Pick: Tampa Bay.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
No Willie Parker this week for the Steel City boys but the Ravens haven't allowed a defensive rushing touchdown all year. Jim, father of Jack, Harbaugh, has done a good job turning around the Ravens in the first month but it temporarily ends here. Pick: Pittsburgh.

Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans
Do you think Gus Frerotte goes through the schedule and ticks off the teams that he has played for? Or to save time, the ones he hasn't. Kerry Collins passed 35,000 career yards last week. The real question is how? Pick: Tennessee.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints
Who'd have thunk it - the Saints bottom of the division after the way they played the Bucs in Week 1. But the Mike Martz effect can only last so long. This is the week that JT O'Sullivan wakes up and realises who he really is. Pick: New Orleans.

Detroit Lions on a bye week
Does this Matt Millen returns to an analyst role with Fox? Pick: Bye week by 10.

Paul Stewart, TBO.com, 27 September 2008