How could you stoop so low Lee?
Regular visitors to this site will know that one of our columnists, Lee Bromfield, has an intense hatred of the Carolina Panthers. In fact, this is a man who told me that when the Bucs play Carolina, he gets up half an hour earlier that day, so he can dislike them for longer.

And who in September 2007, actually penned a column entitled "There’s Some Hicks on our Schedule Dear Rodger, Dear Rodger…… ". This column included such literary quotations as "On we go now to the land of the simple-minded to face a Twits team who have had our number these past few years.

"Those who know me will understand how that hasn’t pleased me, and to say I’d like the Bucs to win this game would be like commenting that Keith Richards enjoys a night out. " and "The Twits are a solid team but have nothing on their sideline that should scare us, save for their ugly fans in the background who look like a collective Halloween party gathering".

Now Lee has long stated that his fantasy league team, the 2006 champion Cosmic Clap, would never have a Carolina Panther on their roster. And so we all believed him. Until June 6th when he owned the second overall pick in the 2008 draft and as you will have seen from the video clip on this page, did something that none of us could believe. He selected Panthers' RB Jonathan Stewart.

Fellow owner and writer, Richard Lowe, was moved to contribute to this column thus:- "It is with great shame I renounce my belief in Lee Bromfield as an FFL owner. With his tearing up of the rule book (literally) and drafting a player from a team he HATES (And which he even told me the week of the draft he'd never do) I have lost all respect for this once champion. Readers, whatever you do, do not vote for this man in the writer of the year awards - he's a Panther in Pewter clothing. Finally, can we buy a Panthers jersey for Lee, with Bromfield 19 on the back!?"

And as another reader, we'll call him by his initials (JD) so as not to reveal his true identity, pointed out, Lee had even made denouncing comments on the BUCPOWER message board before the draft took place.

"After McFadden there just isn't an outstanding RB there at all and every bugger is in a committee, save for Thomas Jones who's heading the wrong side of 30. Martin has the obvious pick at 1, and then the rest is guesswork although you know who I wont be picking at 2.

and he also commented "If any owner has lost his mind and thinks Jonathan Stewart is the second coming of Jim Brown (trust me he isn't - he's more like Jim Royle) then feel free to offer me a way out of my slot, otherwise I'll be going down the RB committee route."

I am deeply shocked by this slipping of standards amongst BUCPOWER writers and I will be doing my best to ensure it never happens again. I mean, this is like even listening to the Dumb and Dumber Show again ....

Paul Stewart, June 2008