Roster numbers and double names
They had to go and do it didn't they? The Buccaneers. Draft a player with the same name as someone already on the all-time roster. Don't these scouts and coaches think of people like myself and Scott Smith at One Buc Place?

All our file names for players are forename-surname based. So we both had a file for dexter-jackson recognising the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVII. So why draft another one with the same name?

Dexter, if he is on the active roster for a regular season game, will become the fourth player to join the duplicate name club. The first were the two Steve Youngs. One was a right tackle from the expansion team (and who now lives in Tampa and is a regular visitor to this site), the other is in the NFL Hall of Fame and played quarterback.

They were followed by the two Anthony Davises (this is beginning to sound like a Monty Python sketch). The first was a 1977 running back who won the Heisman Trophy for John McKay at USC, the other being the offensive tackle still on the roster.

The third is the most obscure and features two players named Brian Clark. The first was a kickoff specialist from Florida who played in one 1982 game when Bill Capece was semi-injured, the other was a wide receiver who played at the end of last season.

And now comes Dexter Jackson II. At least the likes of Rockne Freitas, Hasson Arbubakrr and Shelton Quarles know they are on pretty safe unique ground.

Roster numbers
Just because some of the rookies have taken numbers, does not mean they will wear these as their official designations. Again, nothing is definite in terms of roster posterity until the first regular season game. So Aqib Talib (25), Dexter Jackson (1), Jeremy Zuttah (76), Dre Moore (67), Josh Johnson (11), Geno Hayes (45) and Cory Boyd (39) may not make their careers in these numbers. I mean, remember the last Johnson to wear 11 at QB for the Bucs? The Human Sack Machine.

The best draft story
Comes from our resident draftnik Wayne Maw who did an unbelievable job in previewing and reviewing the draft on this site and on the board. He doesn't exactly like Florida State players (being a Gator himself) and hence could not resist laying into 6th round pick Geno Hayes. Appararently at one of the scouting combines, someone lifted up Hayes' shirt to ask if he still had Tim Tebow's footprint embedded there. Quality.

You've been great - enjoy Howard Jones.

Paul Stewart, 5 May 2008