Previewing the draft
So who are the Buccaneers going to pick with the 20th choice in the "NFL's annual selection meeting"?

When you consider that everyone and their dog has done a mock draft over the past month (nice work though there Fido), the range of choices for the Bucs has gone from a CB or WR, to the 46th quarterback of the future on the roster.

And every mock draft has had every combination of Long, Long, Dorsey, Ellis, Gholston and Ryan (that well-known Boston legal partnership) in the first six. So if the alleged experts cannot even get the top six right, what chance to do they have of projecting right down to the 20th selection?

So what are the Buccaneers' biggest needs? Wide receiver, cornerback and a new blonde cheerleader for the North endzone. I have no problem with solving the first two needs in either of the first two rounds, just as long as we get some help there and quickly.

When you consider that the current upside on the Buc receiving corps is "Michael Clayton might return to his rookie form" and "Paris Warren is coming back from injury", then you know that we need some new fast talent outside. Anything along the lines of Dwayne Bowe's rookie production for Kansas City in 2007 would make a massive improvement to the 2008 Buccaneers.

And cornerback - right now it's Barber and Buchanon, with some Sammy Davis and Eugene Wilson thrown in. Not really that palatable is it? Most mocks that have Tampa Bay going cornerback in the first round mention Aqib Talib or Mike Jenkins. Either would be fine with me as I know nothing about either!

If I had to make a prediction, I'll go corner and then receiver. Just so long as we don't draft any more quarterbacks!

Elsewhere in the NFL, the latest word has the top QB, Matt Ryan going to Kansas City because "they need a quarterback bad". Unlike last season when they just had a bad quarterback.

Paul Stewart,, 24 April 2008