Don't you just love mock drafts
So we are less than a month from the NFL draft. Which means only one thing. Everyone and their dog produces a mock draft.

The over/under on mock drafts in 2007 was equal to the national debt of Ghana. The number of people who got the first 10 picks actually correct was equal to the number of Super Bowls held in Ghana. But does that stop people producing them each and every day? Not a chance.

The self-styled king of the mock drafts of course is Mel Kiper. Apart from sharing a hairstyle with Jimmy Johnson (come to think of it, have they ever been seen together?), Kiper is one guy you really would not want to be stuck in an elevator with. Well OK him and Piers Morgan then.

Kiper produces mock drafts by the week, charges people (gullible suckers) by the thousand to pay to read them, and then announces on draft day how accurate he was. Time for a little insight into how he does it.

Each week, he produces a slightly different version of the top 20 picks thereby covering most permutations. Then of course, he can claim a 85% or 90% success rate by looking at all his different options.

And then to cap it all, the day after the draft, he produces his first mock for the following April. That isn't being detailed - it's called being sad.

So far the Bucs have been lined up to pick a running back, six different receivers, two defensive lineman and a cornerback. And it's not even the end of March yet. Someone of course will be right, will be on various message boards about 3.4 seconds after the pick is announced to brag on their accuracy, and no-one outside of their living room will actually care.

But it does pass the time until Roger Goodell walks on to the podium to announce the first pick. But to liven even that moment up, how about each team at the draft has to down a shot for every hour of the draft? I mean, by the time the Raiders come to pick in the 5th round, they would be so inebriated that they might even make a decent selection.

Paul Stewart,, March 2008