The state of the Bucs UK
OK, well it's not quite the State of the Union address, but I thought it time I brought everyone up to speed on the current events concerning the Bucs UK and BUCPOWER.COM. We are getting close to two significant milestones in the history of the club, this site reaching a quarter of a million hits, and the Bucs UK celebrating its 20th birthday in 2004.

This website continues to go from strength to strength. All of the various history screens are now complete in terms of results and reviews and I have begun adding defensive and special teams' statistics to the 700+ player profiles. We already have the greatest collection of Buccaneer historical information anywhere on the web but I still have more to add yet before I can say it's complete from my perspective. I am also modifying and updating the player profiles and appearance of the current player screens too.

Another area I am looking to improve, is in the graphics and animation fields. I have two new packages I am slowly teaching myself at home in the same way I did HTML before embarking on this site. Some of the early results can be seen on the helmet logos on the front screen but again I have ideas that I will be putting into place once I have the technical abilities to do them.

One of the best improvements I have been able to offer Bucs UK members this year, are the weekly bundles of information that I e-mail to members about the upcoming game. This is far more detailed than anything I can put on the website and I am indebted to several people for their help in providing this (not least Wayne Hough). If you are not getting these regular mails, then please let me know as they are free for Bucs UK members.

Phil Jones and I are also indebted to the people who come back from Buccaneer games with GameDay programmes, T-shirts and other souvenirs for club competitions as a way of saying thankyou for the Bucs UK arranging tickets. Each time something like this arrives (like the most recent ones from Mark/Jayne Woollard and Richard/Pat McBride), it makes all the efforts so worthwhile. Also hearing about the McBrides' encounter with Warren Sapp on a flight to New York was good too, especially when No.99 was quick to offer an autograph.

Phil and I have plans for the club's 20th anniversary that we will start to put into effect over the next few months. I am also tracking down a rumour that has former Buc QB Steve Walsh now living near Southend in Essex. A special guest at the club meal perhaps later this year?

Paul Stewart, October 2003