Your suggestions for improving BUCPOWER.COM
The annual questionnaires always provide some interesting suggestions for what else we can do to improve the site. Some are possible, some not, but it is an annual tradition that I try and go through these for you.

Andrew Battye - all-time team records
These are already on the site. Stats on an individual or franchise level and scores by team throughout the history of the franchise. Click on the stats button at the top of the front page.

Marc Kemp and Paul Frost - expand the fantasy league
Mike Davidson ran a Salary Cap league that was open to everyone who visits BUCPOWER.COM whether they were members of the Bucs UK or not. This will probably happen again in 2008. Details of last season's event are on the Message Board.

Marc Kemp - countdowns of the best and worst trades in franchise history
These are already on the site. Select feature articles from the menu on the front page.

Marc Kemp - features behind the scenes at One Buc Place
I will see what I can get from Scott Smith who runs the Bucs' own site along these lines.

Mark Howes and Paul Greenfield - video clips play of the day
I think the 100 Greatest Plays countdown will take care of this

Ian Costain - weekly predictions of NFL games
I wrote quite a few of these for both BUCPOWER.COM and last season.

Lee Bromfield - player interviews
Again, this will depend on what I can get from Scott Smith.

Mike Davidson - profiles of Bucs UK members
We did this once before and believe me, they were not pretty. But I have today added a link on the Message Board for people to introduce themselves.

Steve Reeder - features on cheerleaders

Luke Moseby and John Gill - highlights of Buc games
Go to the Message Board. Nick Houllis has posted these throughout the 2007 season.

John Tillyard - update the profile pages weekly
You really are having a laugh aren't you? Do you know how long this would take? OK, how about everyone in the Bucs UK pays about 20 times the current rate of membership and I will give up my job to do BUCPOWER.COM full-time.

David Cambridge - run a club trip to Tampa.
Sorry but from experience, everyone would want something different and the person doing it (probably me) would wind up as an unpaid travel rep with everyone trying to ride on my coat-tails. Thanks but no thanks.

Mark Woollard - more pictures from club members of their trips
Great idea. David Cambridge and Colin Hyams have already contributed along these lines. If anyone else wants to send me some, my e-mail address is on the front page.

Steve Grant - more merchandise and models to wear them
Phil and I will do it when Tottenham qualify for the Champions League.

Paul Stewart, February 2008