The 100 Greatest Plays in Buccaneer History
Of all the countdowns we have done on BUCPOWER.COM, this is the most ambitious and time-consuming. And hopefully the most appreciated too.

We have done the best players in Buc history, the worst (eh Kenyatta!), the best and worst trades and even the Ugliest Bucs. Now comes a feature on the defining moments of the 32-year history of the franchise.

Like each countdown, the general order is very subjective. There is no way you can determine between a play at 73 in the order and the ones at 72 or 74. But what we can do is come up with a definitive Top 10 in a specific order.

For this, we approached the people who really know the history of the Buccaneers, the likes of Joey Johnston and Nick Pugliese of The Tampa Tribune, Denis Crawford, Nick Houllis and Lee Bromfield. From the combined selections, we have a Top 10 that we are happy with.

Selecting the actual 100 plays was interesting, as we wanted to incorporate every year from 1976. We also wanted a combination of memorable plays, historic victories, bloopers and trick plays. And not just ones that were good for the Buccaneers so the likes of the Ricky Proehl TD in the 1999 play-offs will qualify.

There are a couple of potential plays that I could not get hold of and therefore will not be included. Vinny Testaverde's 48-yard TD run against the Vikings in 1990 was one of those, as was the alleged one decent Bruce Gradkowski pass of more than 20 yards.

So February 1st is when it will start and the countdown will run daily from there. And there will be some background to each of the clips on the site that will remain there for posterity, as there will be many that you may not have seen before or heard of.

Paul Stewart, January 2008