How to improve the Buccaneers
If you take a look round the various Buccaneer-related message boards, there are a number of things that need to urgently be done to improve the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their 2007 season ended last Sunday against the New York Giants.

1. Fire Jon Gruden came the call on many threads - after all, Tony Dungy was fired after losing two consecutive play-off games so it stands to reason that Gruden should go too.

2. Fire Monte Kiffin - after all, the Bucs gave up a 92-yard drive to Eli Manning of all people and someone has to take the blame for that.

3. Fire Jeff Garcia - he's 37 years old and coudn't lead the Bucs to a play-off victory. Therefore it stands to reason that he isn't needed either.

4. Fire Joey Galloway - he only had one reception for 8 yards last Sunday. The Bucs need more than that from their top receiver so he can go as well.

5. Fire the cannons - sorry, that was me just getting carried away. A bit like all of these suggested postings.

Everyone with an opinion (and a keyboard and a network connection), has been posting their comments on the Bucs' demise. And you can think back three months when the trading deadline was approaching, and most people had the Bucs mortgaging their futures by sending 1st round picks, other players and the coaches' first born sons to the likes of San Diego for RB Michael Turner.

Forgive me for pointing this out again, but the Bucs running game looked pretty good the rest of 2007 with Earnest Graham, Michael Pittman and the occasional infusion of Michael Bennett who cost a lot less than Turner would have done (even if the Chargers had been willing to do any kind of deal).

So I have this really way-out and completely off-the-wall idea for the Bucs - why don't we leave it to the likes of Joel Glazer, Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden to decide on how to improve the team's performance going forward?

I know, it's just out there but there are 20 other NFL teams who wish they had been playing at home to the Giants last Sunday and none of the so-called pundits at the start of the season had the Bucs down to win the NFC South Division.

So maybe, just maybe, these guys know what they are doing. So why not leave them to it instead of panicking and doing something that only the likes of Leeman Bennett or Hugh Culverhouse would have done in the past.

Paul Stewart,, January 2008