Week 12 predictions
Unlike my colleague at the altar (Darin Shaw, the Pigskin Preacher), I'm not going to claim I predicted all three Thanksgiving games (the old couldn't post my article one again eh?). Then again, who wouldn't have taken the Packers, Cowboys and Colts in those three turkey shoots? 10-6 last week with only Denver coming between me and 4,000 miles of ass-whooping.

Right, on to the remaining 13 games this week, with additional song titles just for my narcissus-loving friend, John Davies, from one of the UK's finest exports, Phil Collins.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars
Remember the days when Jack Del Rio and Byron Leftwich were bosom buddies? Then they decided to lead "Separate lives" and the Jags just keep rolling with David Garrard behind center. Pick: Jacksonville.

Denver Ex-Bucs at Chicago Da Bears
The weekly "Good Rex" or "Bad Rex" debate. And to think he's a potential free agent .... "I missed again" is of course the only Phil Collins song for him now that Martin FUAT Gramatica is out of the league. Pick: Chicago.

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns
This could be a real passing shootout so the ball will definitely be "in the air tonight". I am now officially on the Browns' bandwagon in terms of picking games as they have got me every single week. Pick: Cleveland.

Minnesota Vikings at Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants
Just two weeks ago Adrian Peterson was the talk of the country. Then "something happened on the way to heaven". It's called the injury bug he had all through his college days. Upset pick of the week: Minnesota.

New Orleans Aints at Carolina Panthers
Vinny Testaverde still starting at QB for the Panthers. "Do you remember" when he was throwing interceptions for us? Pick: New Orleans.

Oakland Raydurs at Kansas City Chiefs
After last week's successful prediction, the only thing my Raider-supporting postman is going to deliver from now on are bills. Still, only one more week and then Sir JaMarcus Russell can "dance into the light". Pick: Kansas City.

Seattle Seahawks at St.Louis Rams
Stephen Jackson, Marc Bulger, Orlando Pace - doesn't any Ram play every game without getting hurt or are they all "like China?" Pick: Seattle.

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bungles
Will Marvin Lewis survive into next season as head coach of the stripes? "We wait and we wonder". Pick: Cincinnati.

Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
After Jeff Garcia has thrown his fourth TD of the game, he'll let the Polish Pop-gun take over and "wear my hat". Pick: Tampa Bay (of course).

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
Trent Dilfer/Alex Smith - does it really matter who leads the Niner "offense"? Poor old Trent just "can't turn back the years". Then again, he was never any good then either. Pick: Arizona.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Super Chargers
If Brian Billick's boys were to win this one, it would be "Against all odds". So would him be surviving another season. Pick: San Diego.

Philadelphia Iggles at New England Video Cheats
10 down, six to go. "Just another day in paradise" for Belicheat and his points machine. Pick: New England.

London Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers
What a Monday night match-up. To fly up North to get seven bags of fertilizer beaten out of you. John Beck will be singing "Take me home" by the third quarter. My daughter Tanith's "take the obvious game to choose" pick: Pittsburgh.

Paul Stewart, November 2007