Why I want the 1976 Bucs to remain unique
So the perfect 1972 Miami Dolphins are down to rooting for every team that still has to play the New England Patriots this season. All the annual stories about the former players getting out the champagne on the day their place is history is maintained for another year.

Well sorry guys but I also have the same type of goal in mind for the 1976 Buccaneers. I don't want any other team to go winless. I want the Bucs' place in history to remain.

People will always say that they "only" went 0-14 but even if they had played another two, six or even 10 games, the expansion Bucs would still have gone winless. They were getting hammered by bigger and bigger margins every week until the final game when Chuck Fairbanks and his Patriots gave a half-assed effort and only beat the Bucs 31-14.

So the 2007 Miami Dolphins are 0-9 and have seven games left to avoid matching the Bucs in historical terms and going winless. Of course there would be a certain poetic justice in seeing the Patriots go 16-0 and the Dolphins 0-16, but I cannot root for the latter at all.

Over the course of writing and researching articles for BUCPOWER.COM, I have spoken to many of the players from that winless team and although there are a couple who do not like to reminded of their place in history, for most, the passing of the years have made them more acceptable to the situation they found themselves in. It was through no lack of effort that the 1976 Bucs went 0-14.

So for players like Pat Toomay, Dave Reavis and Fred Pagac, for current Tampa residents like Richard Wood, Steve Young and Lee Roy Selmon, root for the Dolphins from now on. Because we want our Bucs to remain unique!

Paul Stewart, The Tampa Tribune, 12 November 2007