Week 10 predictions
Another dose of Paul's predictions this week even though the Bucs don't have a game so I'll spend my Sunday evening watching some old game from franchise history rather than one of the games detailed below. These articles could be worse you know - I could be doing a Nursery Rhyme of the Week a la Mike Carlson....

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
Does either team have a quarterback left standing? Then again, not standing has been the motto of David Carr's NFL career. Pick: Carolina.

Buffalo Bills at London Dolphins
For all Don Shula's asterisk talk this week, I think the Pats will still go undefeated. The Dolphins lose their perfect status this week though. Pick: Miami.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Every week I pick against the Browns, they win. I've got to be right one week. Pick: Pittsburgh.

Denver Ex-Bucs at Kansas City Chiefs
Think that the Chiefs wish they hadn't done that Michael Bennett trade now? This week is the return of the Priest. God Bless him. Pick: Kansas City.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans
The two most unfashionable winning teams in the league go at it with the Jags at the end of a monstrous three-game road trip. Pick: Tennessee.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
How funny would it have been if the Vikes had run the ball one last time and Adrian Peterson had lost two yards on the carry? Right now the Packers are soaring higher than a terrapin on a firework rocket. Pick: Green Bay.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins
How empty was the New Vet last week at the end of the Dallas game? They didn't even have enough fans to boo properly. Pick: Washington.

St.Louis Rams at New Orleans Saints
And now the Saints are coming marching in, back and all over people. The Rams stay perfect for another week. Pick: New Orleans.

Cincinnati Bungles at Baltimore Ravens
Marvin Lewis enters his final half a season as head coach. Personally I think they should bring back David Shula. Pick: Baltimore.

Chicago Da Bears at Oakland Raydurs
My six-year old daughter Tanith fell to 1-1 by missing the Jags-Saints result last week. At .500 though, she would still lead the AFC West. Tanith's pick: Chicago.

Dallas Cowboys at Exit 16W off the Jersey Turnpike Giants
Can someone please tell us where the real Tom Coughlin has gone? OK American fans, us British reporters saw the real one with the attitude in London. Pick: Dallas.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals
You do realise that by the Lions winning, Matt Millen gets to keep his job for another five years? Pick: Arizona.

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Super-Chargers
OK, so who exactly have the Chargers beaten in the "decent team" category. Win this week Bolts and I might believe. But for now I don't. Pick Indianapolis.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
Does anyone outside of the West Coast of America even care this is on Monday Night? Anyone got a Miami Vice re-run I can watch? Pick: Seattle.

Paul Stewart, November 2007