Second Half Management shows the obvious
The Buccaneers are getting outcoached every week

In the second half, the Eagles scored a go ahead TD, and the Bucs were driving again crossing the 50 in Philadelphia territory. FB Erik Lorig called for holding.

Itís nothing new, its not world shattering; The Bucs in 2013 do it every week now, Penalties continue to haunt the Bucs. The Bucs have not scored a second half TD all year, and after 5 games that is beyond just an annoying statistic. Itís a call for action, for a team that lacks discipline, despite being led by a coach who was brought in to correct that aspect.

Last week the Coach called the 2011 Bucs a laughing stock when he was brought in to fix the situation. Makes you wonder what the next guy is going to say! Every week itís another story, and I donít mean the off the field stuff. The one thing Schiano could hang his hat on was the improved play of the defense. After all, it should have been right, after all the money that was invested in it? Instead of being the foundation of it, the defense found itself to be the culprit.

Yes the Eagles represent a new style of offense designed to maintain the pressure, u in case you didnít catch the stat sheet, the Bucs managed to run one more play than the team from the city of brotherly love. At 0-5 the Bucs need 5-6 finish to end up as a 5-11 team. Now ask yourself, do you really see the Bucs going 5-6 the rest of the way out? And if you can dream that it can, when did we accept such mediocrity?

He is 7-14 this coach, who is on path to finish with records closer to Wyche, Perkins than Dungy and Gruden. And it begs to ask, what about Dominik? The Bucs GM was on duty for releasing Underwood while keeping Ogletree. He was there when the Bucs said we are better off with Luke Stocker than Dallas Clark.

If the Bucs knew that Josh Freeman was not the answer to the extent to draft a QB with your 3rd round pick, that this same situation did not warrant an equally aggressive move in Free Agency? Were they really trying that hard to make it work that they would draft someone, thinking that would screw him up less than bringing in a veteran where they can say heís someone to work with him?

Make no mistake; there was no long term loss with Freeman. Nothing Iíve heard or seen makes me believe he suffered a fate with Schiano that was so terrible. The kid crumbled, and better to go up like a jammie dodger in milk now than years down the road. Josh Freeman would have never brought us to an NFC Championship game, and he may be up at 6am studying for Minnesota now, but lets see what happens next year, and the next.

So itís not so much I blame Schiano and Dominik for Freeman in 2013, its that I hold them accountable for not dealing with it when they could have. The Glazers need to change their ďwait till the end of seasonĒ approach to head coaches, because the key word there is WAIT. The same wait approach to letting go Jon Gruden and Raheem Morris is what led us to this Schiano hire to begin with.

In the NFL , its all about the competition. If you fire last, you hire last, and you let the other teams have their pick of the best coaches. Make a move now, mid-season, and you have your pick of the litter when the season ends. You can do your homework from weeks 6-17, and come up with something better this time around. Either way, the time has come. Bucs fans have put up with so much in our history. When they wait in the corner of Raymond James to yell at the Coach, well, maybe everyone should listen to the obvious.