Who’s to blame for this mess?
There is plenty of blame to go around, and the Glazers pretty much acknowledged that by giving away Bucs games over the air for the rest of the year ( A Class Act no doubt….thank you Glazers). Let’s take a look at the culprits. Follow along if you can, its going to be a case of Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the lead pipe.

Josh Freeman- You’ve read and seen it with your own eyes. Stop thinking about that Josh Freeman who lit the world on fire in 2010, that’s not him anymore. Freeman has some demons he has to take care of in his personal life that comes from multiple sources. He has ruined what could have been a promising career, and cost himself millions of dollars.

You can NEVER be late to your own camp, AND late for a radio show, AND Miss the Team Photo…all in the same offseason. You won’t get voted Captain by your peers, and he didn’t. And it spoke volumes. Don’t be surpised if Mike Glennon does well as the Bucs players will probably respect him more.

Greg Schiano- As easy as it is to pin blame on him, and he has made some suspect coaching decisions, from everything you can actually hear from people in the know, Schiano has NOT lost the lockerroom. He DOES have the respect of the players. But this is a Now and Later NFL, what it is now, may not be the same later. Winning cures all ills. Losing exposes them and then some.

Mark Dominik- The Bucs General Manager is not without blame. For every great draft pick you name, you can find a bust to match up. Now that Josh Freeman is all but done for the Bucs, the entire 2009 draft is GONE. That’s only 5 years ago…those players should be entering the prime of their NFL careers, into their second contract. Instead, you have no one. 2010 draft has some dangerous similarities. Both 2nd round picks are gone, as is the 3rd. Those are your premium picks, where you HAVE to hit big on your future stars. Arrelious Benn and Brian Price are washed up instead. Tell me another good WR like 4th round pick Mike Williams couldn’t be useful right about now?

Raheem Morris- There is a dividing point between the drafting of Dominik under Morris and the drafting under SChiano. It has to do with a lot more than just the timing of it. Schiano and Dominik have drafted far better. The Josh Freeman debacle falls on Morris too, he coddled the young Freeman far too much. Im sure it wasn’t easy for Josh to lose his coach then have to work for a hard ass like Schiano, but that’s the NFL. Brad Johnson probably didn’t like it. Im sure Drew Bledsoe didn’t like it much either. But be professional.

So there is a lot of blame to go around. If you listen hard enough, you will also hear more reasons, but these are the excuses the media looks for. Trying to make fun of Schiano’s coaching methods are irrelevant, we’ve seen all different kinds of coaching methods work. Time will tell, but the Glazers are into giving the coach his time in the seat, and so should we. For now