Scarier than a Dalek - Josh Freeman no longer Captain
Anyone saying doesnít read into the preseason is preaching to the Choir! Last year the Bucs were 31st ranked offense in preseason, and finished the year with the best offense in Bucs history. But what's really got my attention, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as a team, did not vote Josh Freeman as a Team Captain.

Read into that folks, because it's scary. Is it really that strange? Well letís look at the other NFL teams that do NOT have a QB as a captain. Buffalo Bills. Kansas City Chiefs. Minnesota Vikings, and (gulp) the Oakland Raiders. Mind you there are also some teams that vote on captains on a week to week basis, some teams, such as the NY Jets, have abolished captains.

Josh Freeman is the Quarterback, the QB is supposed to be the leader, but instead, the Bucs voted in Davin Joseph and Vincent Jackson. In all fairness, both are very deserving of the honor. But Josh is the QB, and he was the Captain for the last three years. So what happened?

We heard HOF QBs Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon discuss Josh Freeman, and his need to step up a little bit. Perhaps they are referring to June Camp? On a Wednesday in June 2013, Josh Freeman had to rely on WR Vincent Jackson to run Freemans camp for kids. Critics found it hard to believe Freeman could not find a way to get to his own camp with his own name on it. Vehicle problems were the culprit, but Freeman also missed a call in opportunity on the Bucs radio 620's Ron and Ian show. Before you know it, the game becomes a version of He Said/She Said.

The big picture is more important, and sometimes, itís not subtraction in as much as its addition. Perhaps it wasn't the removal of as much as players really felt like Vincent Jackson is that much of a leader. All of this of course comes on the heels of Freeman's contract status. He is in the last year of his initial NFL contract, a deal the Bucs have felt the need to wait on to see before offering up a new contract with career money attached.

The bottom line is, we are fans. As Bill Parcells said it best..." You think you know, but you don't. And you never will" ... It's well said. No matter how much we think we know, no matter how close we think we are IN, we're not! All you have to do is watch an episode of Hard Knocks, to see the intricacies of an NFL locker room.

Mind you, that's with the cameras on, and the lights on, and the NFL players..., well... ON! Even with the Cincinnati Bengals, there are still aspects that the team does that we will never see. So it all makes for great drama for Sunday. Because no matter if Josh has a C on his chest or an "S"... he will have the team on his back. That job, is universal for all QBs.