No Christmas miracle coming for Raheem
It will take a Christmas miracle for Raheem Morris to save his job now, as each Bucs game becomes worse and worse for his case. While teams like Kansas City and Indianapolis find their way to win games, the Bucs players have just gotten to the point they are the worst football team in the NFL right now, and this is simply the worst Bucs football team Iíve ever seen the Bucs field, including the Orange.

I keep thinking that the Bucs are going to show up now that everything is lost and play hard for their coach, but there is nothing left in them, I donít belive for a moment that there is no pride left in these players.

The real reason the team is getting more and more embarrassed is because more and more players are playing jobs they are not qualified to do. Last week, our second string Defensive Tackle, Albert Hanesworth was out, with our starter on Injured reserve since finishing his last game against Indianapolis.

The Bucs were 3-1 with McCoy, they are 1-10 without him. The starting Left DT Brian Price was also out, leaving our interior line to Roy Miller, a guy on the verge of being labeled a Bust, and McCargo; a guy who was signed, cut, and resigned so many times this year, he luggage is probably still packed. We even brought back Jovan (Hey Hey Hey) Haye.

We have a rookie linebacker, who played outside in college, as the QB of our defense, and Quincy Black and Geno Hayes who are terrible and would not start or perhaps even make some other teams roster.

The secondary is made up of 36 year old Ronde Barber (if I read one more comment from a guy who says heís followed the Bucs forever, yet writes RHONDE Barber, Im going to throw up) who shut down Steve Smith again, twice this year, but is the only one playing with any ability.

Aqib Talib is done, so the secondary is finished because E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis are not ready to be starting corners in the NFL yet. Sean Jones is playing like garbage in a contract year, and Tanard Jackson is playing despite having sat for the last 16 months. This is our defense, and we are surprised when we lose 48-16?

You simply cant even talk about the offense, if you want to, first ask yourself one question. How many games have the Bucs had a lead? Three Games

Week 2 3-0, 16-3 Bucs over Atlanta. Result; WIN

Week 6 3-0, 20-7 Bucs over New Orleans. Result; WIN

Week 13 14-0 Over Jacksonville. Result; LOSS

The Bucs also had a 3-0 lead over Tennessee for a few minutes before the defense gave that up quickly. Other than that, every single game has the Bucs defense giving up a quick score.

Last year the Bucs scored 39 touchdowns yet gave up 38. This year the defense has given up 55 touchdowns, and scored only 27. When your down, so fast, so much, you take out so much of your game. This year the Bucs have run the ball 215 times from the top two running backs excluding the QB.

Last year the Bucs ran the ball 326 times from the top two running backs. The offense was built around running the ball, and we didnít even discover Blount until game 7! Last year the defense intercepted the ball 19 times, this year? Only 13 picks!

But we can't just let the offense off the hook, and the problem is not just in 2011. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have scored a grand total of 77 first quarter pointsÖ.IN THE LAST TWO SEASONS COMBINED!!

And this is where Raheem Morris comes in; and itís why he wont probably be back next year. He preaches to his team score early, and in two years, they cant. He preaches cut down the turnovers, and they cant. He preaches about penalties, and his team keeps committing them.

Thatís the truth of the matter that escapes me, how Morris had a team of nobodies in 2009 that fought for him till the end, that beat the Saints and Seahawks ON THE ROAD in December and January, that climbed to 10-6 and a pass Interference call away from a playoff birth, only to fall to this: A Bucs team with the worst defense in the history of this franchise with so much history of losing.