What's wrong with Josh Freeman? you'll be surprised
People are asking, “Is Josh Freeman regressing” and even going to the point of looking at QBs in the upcoming college draft! Those people should turn in their football cards, and go back to the drawing board!

Josh Freeman is having a down year, compared to last year, but overall, as a whole, Josh Freeman has 37 TDs and 24 Interceptions since opening day 2010. See how numbers can be played with? We wont know if this is a down year for Josh Freeman until we can see more of Josh’s work over the next few years.

One thing is for sure though, Josh Freeman is NOT the one giving up 400 yards of offense per game! That’s right, The Tampa Bay Defense, if you want to call it that, is giving up 394.6 yards per game! You cannot win if you do that, period. The defense is worse yet at scoring: giving up 26.6 points per game. That means Josh Freeman must generate 4 touchdowns to win.

Everyone is asking why Josh Freeman cant come up with the 4th Quarter comebacks too. Well some of that is on Josh, but the Bucs defense has given up 74 points in the 4th quarter so far through 11 games. Last year, it gave up 63 points in the final period ALL SEASON LONG!

Then there is the added pressure Freeman has had thrust upon him. The Bucs are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL, and too many times Freeman is getting the ball snapped to him with horrible down and distance because of penalties.

Add to that when its 3rd and long, Freeman’s greatest weapon, make that the BUCS weapon, LeGarrette Blount, gets taken out of the game! How good would Peyton Manning have been had Edgerrin James been taken out every third down.

We all understand the reasons behind why it happens, but Blount and Freeman are the team’s best weapons, and they are being sabotaged by our own guys in Pewter. Cut out the penalties, remove the 3rd and longs, and Freeman become more effective.

The defense is another example of what’s wrong with Josh Freeman. 400 yards per game means you are not getting stops. A stop means one more possession for Freeman, and each extra possession is one more chance to do something with the ball.

So let's not ask “what’s wrong with Josh Freeman” too much, and start asking what’s wrong with our defense and self-discipline on offensive line. Less holding, and more holding accountable will go a long way towards winning these last 5 games.