Would free agency have changed things that much?
Make no mistake, the Bucs need to augment their roster next season with some free agents, but that is not going to sit as an excuse for the 2011 Bucs. This yearís team could have used a few players here and there, but the lack of free agent signings is not the reason why the Bucs have lost three games in a row and look hopeless.

Why? Because the Philadelphia Eagles were the most free agent acquiring team this year and they sit at a worse 3-6 and after losing the way they did to the Arizona Cardinals, feel just as hopeless.

No they havnít lost a lot of games as bad as the Bucs have, but at least Tampa Bay has a foundation of young players that CAN grow into roles in the future. The Eagles having gone mostly the way of free agency have spent their cap money, and will have to completely revamp the roster over the next couple of years.

The Bucs meanwhile do find themselves lacking in talent where they thought they were set, but in 2013 and beyond some, perhaps a lot of these players could mature into NFL caliber talent the team thought they would be.

Itís very easy to make excuses, and right now thatís the last thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need. They face a Green Bay team that had as many scheduled OTAs as the Bucs had. The play calling is the same as it was last year.

When Josh Freeman throws a four-yard out on 3rd and 20, you donít know what the play call was. But with the poor showing of Bucs talent, free agency is bound to be the biggest cry for change.

While Tampa Bay could use a few free agents next season, changing direction 100% like the Eagles would be a huge mistake.