The Bucs UK are going global
Greeting from me for everyone around this great blue marble to read an article written from a guy who lives in a tiny speck called Tarpon Springs!

Imagine that- Me; going global! But it's the bye week, so there is very little to talk about the Bucs this week.

You already know the basics; Gerald McCoy will be back, and will wreak havoc with his penetration of the Saints O-line, but will be the ire of Ron and Ian Monday Morning because they dont understand Sacks are not the only thing that helps a defense win. LeGarrette Blount will be back, running hard, leaping people, but we will hear Monday about how he's not a third down back.

So instead of talking about the TAMPA Bay Buccaneers, lets talk about whats happening over the next couple of weeks. How a football organization, is taking a group of people, and making them all so much bigger than they could ever imagine. The Bucs are global folks! ...and now Bucs UK, You are TOO!

Last week you had your favorite team appear on your doorstep and preform for you in your own back yard! A thrill we take for granted living here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. But now, a couple of weeks later, a group of football fans from the United Kingdom, will be coming over to America to watch their favorite team playing in their own home market! It's an amazing feat if you consider all of the details involved.

Not many people even get to see the Bucs twice a year, period! But you guys are going to watch this team live across two continents! It staggers the imagination the more I think of it, and it just goes to show you how beloved American Football is becoming in Europe and the UK in particular.

Technology has helped immensely. Only a decade ago your only option was to watch it on sky sports if it were on, or follow a screen on a computer monitor that shows a football field with game stats, position of ball and such. With greater advancements in computer and internet speeds, it became possible to stream the game using sling box or other options.

Now, the NFL has realized the popularity of its game by offering up its contests on the internet in High Definition. People post HD versions of the game for downloading using bit-torrent technology, and the audiences for NFL games has never been more broad; Australia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, everywhere the NFL is taking its products to the people who are interested.

But you, the NFL Fans of the UK, you lead the pack. You dont just watch the game, you understand it; and on a level that the average American football fan in a sports bar (pub) doesn't even know. So here you come Bucs UK- traveling to your own private version of Mecca, making the pilgrimage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Being a Bucs fan has its perks- but I never imagined one of those advantages would be the opportunity to meet some wonderful men and women, boys and girls, from the other side of our planet, because we have one thing in common; Our love for the Raymond James Stadium playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So to all the members of the Bucs UK making the trip over- I so look forward to meeting all of you on the Gulf Coast of Florida- Welcome to my home!