A win cures absolutely everything
And a loss brings every blemish to the forefront. Those are the two facts of the sports world as we know it. You can commit 6 turnovers, but if you win the game, “It’s something we will have to look at”. You lose the game, and the team has a turnover problem.

Last week Ronde Barber had a career game, just soon after being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week. Monday morning Ronde Barber had finally gotten too old to play the game any more, and its time to hang up the cleats.

Three weeks in a row, Josh Freeman leads the team to wins over Minnesota, Atlanta, and Indianapolis with key plays in the 4th quarter. Monday Morning, all of his pre-draft issues resurfaced and were being discussed. He has ‘regressed’ some will say. Maybe, or maybe he’s right where he is supposed to be for a 3rd year QB, and last year was just such a climb that it skewed what we think of as progress.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. When your most consistent player, Punter/placekicker Michael Koenen has a bad day too, it’s time to just admit the team’s short week and trip on Friday to the West Coast to play a game on Sunday was just too much. They cannot make excuses. We however, can.

The 1999 Bucs got wiped out 45-0 by an 8-8 Raider team, after the Bucs won 6 games in a row. In 1997, the much-improved Bucs got blanked by the NY Jets 31-0, on their way to a wild card win over Detroit in the first playoff game in 15 years.

It happens. The game of football is intricate and emotional. The well being and emotional state of mind of 22 players on the field at one given moment can cause all sorts of things to happen. Momentum has more of an affect on the game than anything else, and if one cannot change the tide, a team can find themselves drifting out to sea.

So lets look at Sunday’s 48-3 game for what it was. One Game. One Loss. Page; flipped. Bring on the Saints. And if it happens again, I doubt anyone will miss that huge panic button.