Lars Tate indeed!
How could we??? Donít they realize how hard he worked to play in the NFL? He was my favorite player, and they just got rid of him for a guy who is unproven?

Gotcha! You thought I was talking about Cadillac Williams didnít you! Well, sounded to me like those are Bucs fans sentiments when we let go of Michael Pittman for Cadillac.

And how could they let Warrick Dunn and his ability to break a long run go, for this Michael Pittman dude?

Youíre Going to sit Errict Rhett, the first running back to get back to back 1,000 yard seasons since 1984 and give the ball to a rookie Warrick Dunn from Florida State??

I mean how do you let a rookie from Florida, Errict Rhett run the ball when Reggie Cobb was doing so good?

What!?! Your going to let Gary Anderson and his 3.9 avg go and give the ball to this kickoff returner Reggie Cobb full time and his 3.2 avg?

I cannot believe this organization is going to turn its back on Lars Tate for a guy the Chargers no longer want that played for the Bandits half a decade ago!

James Wilder had two 1500 yard seasons back to back, and your going to make him second string to this Georgia tailback Lars Tate who runs in the SEC?

Please explain how you are going to give the ball to a Fullback in James Wilder instead of Ricky Bell who is the only tailback to ever have a 1,000 yards?

Wait just one minute, Weíre going to run Ricky Bell? In our Backfield? Cool. Shoulda got Dorsett though.