How about a Talib piece to make everyone sick?
A lot of talk around the Bay Area now that it seems the NFL lockout is soon to end, is what to do with Aqib Talib. Well I can only come up with one solution; Flip a coin, because there is probably no better way to know how his future is going to turn out.

One of the things being debated right now in labor talks is whether or not a player can/will be disciplined for conduct committed during the lockout. Itís assumed the players are going to get the NFL and owners to agree that no Ďconduct suspensionsí will be given out for players misbehaving during the lockout. This would directly affect Aqib Talib whose current issue falls directly in this time frame.

Of course, the fact that Talib could escape suspension by the NFL is irrelevant if he is found guilty of his gun charges in Texas, which would surely require incarceration of at least a few years.

So do you cut Talib as soon as the lockout is over? If you do you risk him being picked up by a division rival like New Orleans or Atlanta who are very familiar with him and his talent. Iím sure Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn could find better news than the knowledge they have to go against Aqib on the gridiron twice a year.

Unless of course they donít have to; If Talib is found guilty, a team that picks him up would find themselves exactly where the Bucs donít want to be, without one of the leagues top corners. Or even if he somehow manages to escape any kind of prosecution from the law, thatís not to say Talib is going to stop being ĎTalibí.

There isnít a team in the NFL that doesnít have somewhere on their desk a list of this troubled manís transgressions; the Cabbie incident, London Hotel lobby shout out with coach Morris, rookie symposium fist fight while he was supposed to be learning how to hold yourself as a rookie, hitting a teammate with a helmet by accident (because he was swinging the helmet at another teammate)ÖÖhard drive space is getting cheaper and cheaper after all- plenty of room for each and every one of them.

But before he was injured last season, many saw Talib as being on the verge of being a bonafide shut down corner with pro bowl visits likely annually in his immediate future. Yet including his week one suspension, the Bucs were 4-1 in games Talib didnít play last year. 2010 pick Myron Lewis and í09 pick E.J. Biggers both played well last season and are expected to move right into the starting lineup should they need too.

Any way you look at it, a decision is going to have to be made soon; itís doubtful the legal process in Texas will wait until after the season to move along in its proceedings. Bucs players like Ronde Barber and Jeff Faine have publically supported Talib, which should come as no surprise considering what a close-knit family the Bucs have now under the direction of Raheem Morris.

Speaking of Morris, the head coach who was Talibís position coach when Aqib came into the league has had little to nothing to say on the subject because he isnít allowed to. Once the lockout is over however, Morrisí opinion on what to do may weigh higher than anything else.

.. except Heads or Tails of course.