What are the Bucs historically best at?
We have heard all week about how Raheem Morris called his Bucs the ‘Best team in the NFC”. It was smack talk unheard of from a Tampa Bay coach, it even got him Jim Rome status!

Silly as it may sound to some, Mr. Morris is trying to play cheerleader and it’s a good job. I know it fired me up! But there are other categories the Bucs are BEST at throughout history.

The Bucs are best at heartbreaks! They pile up wins to a 9-3 record, set up a monumental winner take all Monday Night event for the second seed, and then become the first team with a 9-3 record to not make the playoffs.

The Bucs are best at confounding their fans! What other team would come off defending their Super Bowl performance by scoring a week 2 Touchdown with just enough time left in the game, only to miss the extra point and lose the game in overtime. Then two games later score a defensive TD with 4 minutes to go and take a 35-14 lead, only to lose the game in OT in the greatest comeback in MNF history.

Tampa Bay; Best team at underachieving- What other team drafts college stars, only to parade them around the NFL as Busts. That is, the ones who don’t go to other teams and play in Superbowls like Chris Chandler, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, the list goes on.

Best team at obscurity- Monday Night Football? What’s that? Our team never got mentioned during the first 4 years of their halftime football highlights. Once we started winning, we got appearances, but right up to this day we still get the shaft wherever possible. Tampa Bay wins the NFC south in 2007, yet the only MNF appearance is a road game in Charlotte.

Oh we’re the best alright Raheem, just not at all the things we aught to be just yet! Of course I jest; we’re starting to have some of the best ever right before our eyes.

Josh Freeman; best Bucs QB in his first 16 games?

Cadillac Williams: best comeback story you’ve ever heard of?

Kellen Winslow Jr; Best pass catching tight end since Jimmie G?

Mike Williams; best rookie WR in Bucs history?

Current Bucs team; best come back in 4th squad Tampa Bay has ever had?

Hmm, maybe on to something there Raheem!