This is NOT your father’s Tampa Two!
This is Raheem Morris’ Tampa 2.1, and its built from the ground up.

Mind you now, no one really knows what’s going on over in the Raheem Lab. Just as Howie Long taught us how the Bucs run a ‘Zone Defense’ back when we first started making the playoffs (thanks for that deep deep inside info Howie), the real good recipes are for Bucs eyes only.

But by the time the Bucs held the “greatest show on turf” Rams to 11 points, the words “Tampa Two” started to be mentioned. Defensive coordinators started to get picked up left and right like 49ers offensive assistants, but the main guy through it all, Monte Kiffin, stayed put.

Fast forward to today, and we don’t have to worry about our Defensive Coordinator leaving either because he already IS a head coach! But while his inner secrets may remain safe for sometime, this much we know…

Raheem Morris is NOT afraid to bring the extra pressure. Monte Kiffin ran the Tampa Two with players that ran it to perfection and dared you to beat it. Morris is doing the Tampa thing with stuff that Monte would have probably called unorthodox. 3 Down linemen, DT Gerald McCoy rushing from all four positions, I mean you could imagine Warren Sapp launching from where Greg Spires was?!?!

Bottom line though is results, and this new Bucs defense is a little more Bend Don’t Break than anything before it. Brooks, Rice, and Lynch would barely let you cross the 50. These new Bucs defenders will invite you over the 50 and watch you waste your clock time, only to shut you down once you’re inside the 10.

Especially in the second half! Cleveland amassed only 138 yards in the second half. Carolina? 117 second half yards. Total points combined given up by both teams in the second half? 0

Now thats not likely to last much longer, with Cincinnati and New Orleans coming up after the Steelers and the BYE week, but its certainly a step in the right direction. Last year at this time the Bucs had given up 5 touchdown passes over 30 yards.

Teams can still run on the Bucs, but whether they want to admit it or not, the Bucs are changing up a bit at halftime and making the correct adjustments