Hope & Encouragement
Sunday morning I awoke to a good article in the Times from Gary Shelton, who suggests that this Bucs defense is not there yet, and that there is Hope, and Encouragment, but that these things are not what the Bucs of old would have used to describe themselves.

Oh sure, for 6 years we had Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, John Lynch, (you know the names) and we enjoyed them immensely. But before those guys, and since 2003, we’ve had something else for so long that as long time Bucs fans, it’s all we know.

Hope. Encouragement.

Hope and encouragement is all we Bucs fans have ever had, yet my good buddy Gary suggested these things are not enough. He is right, they are not enough for a Bucs defense like the ones we used to watch fly around when those guys up above were playing.

But before the Brookses, and after the Super Bowl, Hope and Encouragement is all that we have. HE (Hope and Encouragement, it's getting too long to write over and over) is what we used to get through those 14 years of losing seasons.

HE helped us when Doug Wiliams was allowed to leave over a few thousand dollars, so that we may trade away a future first round defensive player or two so we can watch the likes of Jack Thompson and Steve DeBerg instead.

HE made us feel better when Bo Jackson said no, and made us feel better when Bill Parcels said no! Why? Because HE helped us feel that Sam Wyche was every bit as good as Parcells anyways!

HE told us Alex Smith was every bit as good a Tight End as Dave Moore, who was every bit as good as Tyji Armstrong.

HE explained that Thomas Jones is not a good fit for our team, because Michael Pittman is.

Hope & Encouragement; maybe there is something to Gary’s message after all?