Week 8 2011
Bucko was on a bye week last week. A chance to rest any injuries, re-evaluate the playbook and find something else to do on a Sunday night besides watch football. And the decision is in - X-Factor really is crap.

Apologies to Terrell Owens for missing his privately-arranged workout. Bucko got stuck in the same traffic jam that all the 32 team personnel directors did too. It was chaos. Everyone going absolutely nowhere. Or is that actually no-one going anywhere remotely near? TO, about as popular now as Nancy Dell'Olio at a ballroom dancing convention.

Started reading a new book today - "Quarterbacking fundamentals by Tim Tebow" - interesting read.

The Wembley game is now a distant memory but with any luck, the moron who ran around the field with his shirt off is still locked up. What a great message to send to the world on behalf of British fans. These kinds of idiots should be fined at least 1,000, locked up for a month and given community service orders too. And Bucko needs to stop reading The Daily Mail as well.

Just finished that book if anyone wants to borrow it.

For the RedZone fans out there, let's go double box.

Why football will never work in Toronto Chapter 6. Bills TE Scott Chandler scores and runs to the crowd to do a Lambeau Leap or more like a Canadian Carousel. And the guy in the front row is busy on the phone with one hand and drinking a Labatts in the other and totally ignores him. Classic.
From the "Can I have this job" category comes the story that the Oakland Raiders signed Dave Rayner to replace Sebastian Janikowski for their recent game with the Chiefs. He kicked off to start the game, went to the bench, put his cap on backwards, and stayed there for the next three hours as the Raiders were shutout 28-0. $40,000 for one kickoff and was then released. Where do I sign up?

Was watching The Green Mile the other day and heard one of the characters chanting "Dead man walking". Hence very surprised to find out Tony Sparano of the Dolphins was not anywhere to be seen.

Last Wembley comment - anyone see or hear anything of Nick Halling last weekend? No? Good eh?

Laura Okmin sighting. Well I think it was her. Or someone who looked distinctly like her on a broomstick flying over Bucko's house on Halloween.

The last winless team battle is down to two thanks to the Rams' stunning upset of New Orleans on Sunday. How many survivor pools could that have ruined? Bucko won't make any mention of a certain Saints' quarterback screwing up his fantasy team but he does now own a Drew Brees voodoo doll. The Colts and the Dolphins, winless, clueless and hopeless. Sometimes you really have to feel for Andrew Luck as he will be following a passing icon wherever he goes in April's draft.