Week 6 2011
Has anyone noticed how the Buccaneers seem to be the only succcessful team in Florida this season? Jacksonville have one more win than Miami (and one in total), and the likes of the Gators, Seminoles, Bulls and Hurricanes are all having underwhelming seasons too. Although kudos to Miami for leading the NCAA in potential violations in spite of serious competition elsewhere.

Talking of the SEC, they are supposed to be expanding by two teams for 2014. I can understand Texas A&M applying to join but the St.Louis Rams?

From the category of brazen hypocrisy, was that really Keyshawn Johnson lecturing everyone on NFL Countdown that statistics do not matter, only wins and losses? Coming from the receiver who made a career out of bitching if he did not get enough receptions in a game, this is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black.

How bad must David Garrard be as a quarterback if not a single NFL team has even called since he was released at the beginning of September. Call for David, UFL on line 1.

Throwback uniforms are fine but only if the NFL bars the Packers from ever wearing theirs again. The shirts look ridiculous and the helmets are the colour of shite. The fashion police were called but turned around and went home in disgust.

Last (OK so I lied last time) Michael Vick joke. Does he come to the line of scrimmage and bark out the signals?

Going back to NFL Countdown again, can someone please tell the producers that there are other teams in the NFL apart from the Dallas Cowboys? For the last 15 years, they have been nothing more than a mediocre team and they now have a below-average QB. Which translates into "we don't need features on them every bloody section of the show".

Bucko wants to know if there has ever been an incomplete pass thrown into the endzone this season for Mike Williams or Kellen Winslow, which didn't result in either of them appealing for an interference flag.

NFC East watch - why the massive focus on this division? It's a bunch of mediocre teams fighting for a division title and an immediate win for their playoff opponent.

Talking of the NFC East, I did like the name for the Giants' new home field, Met Life Stadium. The last time a Met showed any life in New York, it was the 1986 World Series.