Week 5 2011
Bucko would like to show his appreciation to the England rugby team for taking it on themselves to play so badly and get knocked out of the World Cup, that manager Martin Johnson would be able to attend the NFL game at Wembley this month.

Is it just me or is Jim Caldwell, the Indianapolis Colts' coach, the most unhappy person in the NFL? He never ever smiles. Then again, when you are 0-5 on the season, you probably would have a face like a wet kipper too.

One late result from Week 5 in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins lost their game to the bye week but did cover the spread.

A couple of observations from watching the Saints v Panthers UFC encounter in Three Surname County on Sunday. New Orleans TE Jimmy Graham is by far the best at his position in the NFL and a bigger aerial threat than a squadron of Spitfires to the Luftwaffe, and Carolina's Captain Munnerlyn has by far the best name in the league. What were his parents thinking?

The passing of Raiders' owner Al Davis brought the usual round of tributes and accolades and most were well deserved. The best Al story Bucko came across was in 1966 when the AFL-NFL merger was being drawn up and a press release put together to announce the deal. Davis went up to the PR guy writing the release and pencilled in the word "genius" on the page. "Can you get that in next to my name?" he asked/told him.

The opening moments of the Bucs' narrow loss to the 49ers contained a section entitled "players to watch". For the Bucs it was Josh Freeman, for the 49ers, Alex Smith. So thanks Fox Sports, we have to watch the quarterbacks because they are key to the game? I think that falls into the "No shit Sherlock" category of analysis.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-4 - couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of over-rated supposed big-name poseurs. But if they had come back to snatch victory in Buffalo, would coach Andy Reid have looked like the cat that got the cream? Instead of someone who looks like he ate the cat, the cat's friends, the litter tray and anything else not nailed down in the kitchen.

Tony Siragusa, the only sideline reporter who makes Laura Okmin attractive. OK perhaps that's a tie. Okmin has the kind of face that could launch a thousand ships and has already done so.

Wembley ticket update - apparently one of the reasons the game didn't sell out is because the Rugby World Cup is on the same day. On the other side of the world. Kicking off about 10 hours earlier. This statement now goes through to the next round of "Sporting Bullshit" to compete against Carlos Tevez's agent claiming his player's comments were mis-translated after the Bayern Munich game.