Week 4 2011
Welcome to the column that predicted the Lions would start the season undefeated. OK maybe not. Perhaps Bucko is still upset at being moved from his usual spot because of TV scheduling reasons.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost three of their top players to torn ACLs before September was even done. Imagine if the Bucs lost LeGarrette Blount, Kellen Winslow and Ronde Barber in the first three weeks and you get an idea for what has happened in the Midwest. Bucko would have more sympathy if the Chiefs hadn't been so bad before losing that trifecta.

From the unbelievable defensive alignment category comes news from Philadelphia that they have swopped all their three starting linebackers around, Not benched, actually swopped all three into different positions. Is their new defensive co-ordinator Juan Castillo playing Madden 12?

Bucko's BBQ Tip - Donovan McNabb - stick a fork in him, he's done.

News that Terrell Owens is coming to London for the International Series obviously means that the self-inflated egocentric is not expecting a call from any NFL team in the near future. Then again, the market for selfish, old, slow team-killers just isn't what it used to be these days.

The so-called "Dream team" is 1-3 in Philadelphia. I guess signing a bunch of big-name high-paid high-maintenance players doesn't make for a winning team when you have so many expectations and egos. Memo to Manchester City fans to take note.

It is such a pity that Tony Romo did not wind up marrying Jessica Simpson as she was about as thick as he was. Has any NFL quarterback made so many bone-head decisions as Romo does? And although it's an ugly thought, can you imagine the look on Jerry Jones' face when his team blew a massive lead at home to the Lions?

Bucko has had an idea (I know, novel theory). How about the Bucs UK get Terrell Owens on their touch football team and then never throw him a ball just so he can get pissed off on this side of the Atlantic too? Or just have Paul Stewart try and throw to him because from what Bucko has heard, he can't hit his intended target anyway.

All bets are now off in the first NFL coach to get fired competition. Tony Sparano can start clearing his locker this week.

And no more please about Buccaneer fans being so bad the worst in the league because they can't sell out home games. San Diego are one of the best teams in the league (insert Norv caveat here) and they were blacked out on Sunday.