Games you can play whilst watching the Buccaneers
Sometimes it has been hard watching the 2013 Bucs go 3-9. Missed tackles, missed opportunities, missed chances to get a new coach. So Bucko has decided to help you liven up the last few weeks of the season by giving you a list of possible prediction games you can play each Sunday for the remaining four games of the season.

•When the Bucs are facing 2nd down and more than 18 yards to go after a holding penalty, will the running play called by Mike Sullivan go to the left, the right or up the middle"

And as a follow-up bonus game
Greg Schiano Press Conference Bingo is another good one
How many of these words or phrases can you spot in each one?

“We’ve got to do a better job.”
“We will get it right.”
“We are going to win here in Tampa Bay.”
“Coach Belichick is my hero”
“Dashon Goldson is a football player”
•At what point in the game will Dashon Goldson first miss on a tackle (not quite Sabby Piscitelli standards but close)?

•And as a follow-up, because night always follows day, at what time will Dashon Goldson pick up his first personal foul penalty of the game?

•How many plays will it take Daniel Te'o-Nesheim to cross the line of scrimmage on a pass rush?

•Who will be the first offensive lineman to get praised by the TV coverage who some self-proclaimed "expert" on the Red Board has claimed needed to be cut at once?

•When will defensive co-ordinator Bill Sheridan call his first line stunt that results in the quarterback breaking containment and rushing for a first down?

•How long will it take someone to spot TJ Rives on the Buccaneer sideline?

•When will a blitzing LB/DB run straight past the guy he is supposed to cover? (bonus points if you choose someone else other than Adam Hayward)

•Which wide receiver's hold will nullify the best run of the game?

•Having exhausted all other options (including water boy, Gene Deckerhoff, 3rd QB etc) when will Greg Schiano first let Da'Quan Bowers on the field?

•How many delay of game penalties will the Bucs have directly after a timeout?

•Will Rian Lindell’s first FG attempt go wide left, or wide right?