November 20 2013
Update on Peyton Manning's latest injury - his speech has been downgraded from a mild Mississippi drawl to a full-scale impression of Forrest Gump. Doctors do not believe this can be cured until off-season surgery.

Bucko actually hopes the Dallas Cowboys win the NFC Least just for the comedy value of watching them get either annihilated/choke in the 4th quarter (delete to leave which you think funnier) in the first round of the playoffs and hence watch Jerry Jones surgically-enhanced face solidify even further on the sidelines.

That list of top-rated quarterbacks based on single game performances again - Unitas, Marino, Montana, Foles. Sorry but that last one just is not right. Can the Eagles' game against the Raiders please be replayed or an asterisk added to the 2014 NFL Record book indicating " * came against a joke defense"?

Looking ahead to this week we have two classic games on the Week 12 schedule. Jacksonville and Houston are playing the annual "Who wants the first overall pick game", the one where both sets of fans cheer opposing touchdowns. And we also have the annual Admiral Ackbar game as Kansas City play San Diego in the middle of a Denver sandwich.

Jay Cutler's groin injury continues to provoke much discussion in the Windy City. Apparently during the recent loss to the Lions, the Bears received over 5,000 tweets about him staying in the game in spite of being unable to move around in the pocket. Sources have revealed over 95% of them came from the Detroit defensive coaching staff wanting him to not come out.

The NFL is looking at the possibility of the New England Patriots no longer having a bye week. It is just too confusing for their British fans to choose a new team to support during the week when they are not playing.

The Warren Sapp induction into the Ring of Honor saw many members of the 2002 Super Bowl team return to the field at Raymond James Stadium and it was nice to see Lee Bromfield still fits into his Todd Yoder shirt.

Has anyone else noticed how Joe Montana in his 50s is turning into a look-a-like for Barry Manilow?

Week 11 recap - The Jacksonville Jaguars won the toss and decided not to play last week. The Cowboys also managed to blow their bye week in the final minute on a turnover by Tony Romo and congratulations to the Houston Texans for becoming the first team in NFL history to have to go a silent count in a home game because their own fans were booing so loudly.