October 23 2013
Anyone not reading and laughing at all the comments in this week's column will have their ping-pong table taken away, shuffle board burned and you really don't want to know what Bucko will do with your Playstation 3.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Block who?
Ah I see you've seen the Buccaneers' offensive gameplan.

The Walking Dead premiered Sunday night on American TV. Some people were able to get an early sneak peek by watching the Jaguars play San Diego. Incidentally Blaine Gabbert wouldn't start a chance against any NFL defense let alone the 1985 Chicago Bears. That is the 1985 Chicago Bears now. Shaun Gayle is on Sky Sports so he's available to play against Gabbert at Wembley this week.

Matt Flynn had a workout for the Bills. They were trying to see how well he could hold a clipboard. And since when did Tom Brady turn into the missing Detmer brother?

The League is considering Thursday night double headers, or as Roger Goodell put it "like I could give two shits about player safety". The NFL also announced that fines will now be known as 'Ndamukong Suh's'

Pick the odd one out - Mike Williams, Percy Harvin, President Assad of Syria. It's Assad as he is the only one Josh Freeman hasn't overthrown yet.

Monday Night Football Preview: Jon Gruden loves everyone playing and knew them all when they were kids.

Knock knock (special Thursday night Raymond James Stadium edition)
Who's there

Quarterbacks, closers and hockey goalies - the three players on sports teams who everyone either loves or hates.

Great new TV show for you to check out - Under the Dome. Features a bunch of misfits, losers and made-for-TV personalities stuck together in a difficult situation and all of them want out. Also known as the 2013 St.Louis Rams.

No Kardashian gag this week but one quick alleged porn reference for you Buckettes. Have you noticed how Jaguars' owner Shahid Khan looks like Ron Jeremy?

Great news out of Washington as the budget issue was resolved and there will be no more government shutdown. A report says that they were given the option to end the shutdown or watch the Redskins try and play defense.

Kansas City Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid is really confused. Apparently he keeps trying to eat the 0 in their 7-0 record thinking it's a doughnut.