October 14 2013
Bucko has just come back from the year 3000 (not much has changed but they live under water). The NFL has just announced they are adding another game to the London schedule meaning that all 256 regular season games, the entire post-season and the Super Bowl will take place at Wembley Stadium. Commissioner Condoleeza Rice Jr (the daughter of the former Secretary of State and Simeon) announced that this will show everyone how much support for the game there in the UK and could pave the way for a future franchise in London.

Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley came out with a cracking quote after their Week 5 loss to the Rams claiming "we're not quite there yet". This takes over second place in the All-time Understatement category since the captain of the Titanic thought his ship might be in a bit of trouble.

Carlsberg doesn't do 4th quarter collapses, but if they did, they would sign Tony Romo. Jerry Jones claimed the Cowboys' loss to Denver was one in the moral victory column. Dallas still leads the entire NFL in the WGAF category.

Matt Schaub set an NFL record by throwing a pick six in four consecutive games. Bucko was not surprised by this stat but he was stunned to find out the record was not previously held by Vinny Testaverde. Incidentially Bucko would now like to apologise for the reference to the song by Busted earlier in this column that you are now humming and will be the rest of the day.

NFL language class. Today's word is "Amendola". This is Spanish for "cannot stay healthy for more than three consecutive weeks".

Those NFL point spread records again.
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers 1976 (John McKay was all in favour of his team's execution)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos 2013 (Even though Blaine Gabbert missed this one through injury instead of just being totally crap)
2. FFL Bowl II 1993 - Pee Jays Pirates at The Borg (Pirates were 60 point underdogs and lost by 64)
1. Christian at Lions, Coliseum, AD62. The Christians covered (most of the arena by the end of it)

The Kansas City Chiefs were trying to set a new NFL record for the loudest noise in a sports stadium last Sunday. They narrowly finished ahead of Deion Sanders' suit from a recent NFL Network on- field presentation. In another sports record bid, the New England Patriots fans took over the title of “most people to leave a sporting event before the end and hence missed the dramatic ending”. This beat all the New York Mets fans who left Game 6 of the 1986 World Series with the Red Sox leading 5-3 and two out in the 10th inning

The Bucs had a 5K race before Sunday's game to raise money for charity. Apparently in a photo finish, Mike Glennon won by a long neck.

Some people call the Pittsburgh offensive line 'The Kardashians' because they have so many open holes.

More NFL language class. Today's word is "Schaub". This mean crap in German. Also known in Spanish as "Sanchez".

And Bucko could not end this week without passing comment on the scandal surrounding the Washington Redskins' name. Outside of the ensuing problems it will cause the Braves, Indians and Chiefs going forwards, Bucko would like to offer the solution of Washington becoming the Sentinels. Then they could have a Shane Falco day and honour the rest of the Replacements' cast