October 5 2013
Earlier in the season, Michael Vick apparently broke up a fight between Cary Williams and Riley Cooper. He said it was strange to see humans battle for a change.

Greg Schiano has been taken renewed criticism for his continued attempt to crash the kneeldown play at the end of games. He remains unrepentent and is promising to unveil similar new plays in which he disrupts the opening coin toss, bundles over the opposing mascot and then kicks seven bells out of shit of the Atlanta cheerleaders.

Jacksonville have submitted paperwork to NFL to just take the London loss, rather than play the game against the 49ers. NFL UK have set up an on-line poll for who the fans want to win the game. Click the red button for San Francisco, punch yourself in the face for the Jaguars.

Quarterback news. A report says that Mark Sanchez will not be able to play in Week 6. Or any week after that for the rest of his career. Still no word on how Vince Young and Tim Tebow's interviews went at McDonald's today. And Jaguars fans are protesting for the team to sign Tebow. And you thought supporting the Bucs was desperate.

Aaron Hernandez still leads all fantasy leagues that are using a PPH system (points per homicide). But on a positive note, I was able to send my new copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 to the prison for him to personally sign it for me. In other breaking legal news, a warrant has been issued for Titus Young's arrest. And this just in, the sky is blue.

In an interview, Kevin Kolb says he's "not suffering from a concussion". He followed it by saying he's "not suffering from a concussion"

Bucko was watching the Thursday night game on Sky Sports and wondered if the silence in the commentary booth in the second half was Mike Mayock googling Jeff Tuel. And hey Neil Reynolds, that was a pretty nice shirt you were wearing. Does it come in mens?

At Halloween, Bucko is going to dress up as Blaine Gabbert so he can throw candy at some kids' feet and the others he will throw way over their heads. Blaine says he's going to run the 'hope for pass interference' offense at Wembley against the Niners.

NFL breast cancer awareness - Bucko hasn't seen this much pink on TV since the Kim Kardashian porno clip.