Week 12 2012
Cowboy fans were upset last week when they heard one of the main characters in Dallas had died. They were even more upset when they found out it was Larry Hagman and not Jerry Jones.

After the Falcons missed their chip shot fieldgoal last weekend, Bucko wants to know if Gene Deckerhoff thought about doing his "Matt Bryant you're my hero" call again.

Controversy in San Francisco over their quarterback situation. Nothing to do with who is playing but simply because Colin Kaepernick has so many tattoos on his arm, he was confusing them with his playcall sheet and told the offense to run a play called "I love Mum" during their win over New Orleans.

And in the most obvious gag ever run in this column, and believe me, there was a lot of competition, Bucko heard about there being a shower on the field in Miami and for once it wasn't the Dolphins themselves.

Apparently the crowd in Miami was so sparse last Sunday that pundits had a hard job working out when the crowd actually started leaving early.

Congratulations are due this week to the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles who set a new world record during their Monday Night loss to Carolina for loudest and most consecutive booing during a sporting event at three hours 14 minutes.

The Oakland v Cincinnati game featured one of the biggest fights seen in years and thankfully took place in Riverfront Stadium. The NFL lost the franchise rights for fights in Oakland to the Bloods and Crips five years ago.

After last week's revelation about military names in the NFL, now it is regal ones. King Dunlap and Prince Amukamara? Bucko has heard that the Philadelphia offensive line is so bad that they have offered a try-out to rapper Quieen Latifah.

Bucs' backup QB Dan Orlovsky has yet to even take a snap this season and is trying to set a franchise record for going an entire season without throwing a single pass. This is different to Shaun King's Buccaneer record of going an entire season without throwing a decent pass.

Someone asked Bucko the other day about the over/under on when Aqib Talib gets arrested in New England. Bucko took December 11. And when asked a follow-up question about where he thought Talib would be playing next season, Bucko's money is on the re-match between the prisoners and the guards alongside Paul "Wrecking" Krewe.

Talking of gridiron film stars, it is 25 years since Shane Falco took the field for the Washington Sentinels. He's still a scab.

And finally a serious (shaddup!) thought. Jim Schwartz cost the Lions a touchdown when he challenged the Houston TD run last Thursday night before the officials could review it. How about it Gary Kubiak had thrown the challenge flag instead? He would get a 15-yard personal foul penalty but would that not immediately stop the officials reviewing the play and thereby enable the Texans to steal the touchdown? Think about it.