Week 9 2012
These Thursday night games are a killer on Bucko's sleeping habits but the schedule for recent games leaves something to be desired. Kansas City at San Diego last week, Indianapolis at Jacksonville this week. And it gets worse as Week 14 features the Cleveland Browns at the Frankfurt Galaxy.

Talking of TV games, have you seen the Monday Night game for next week? Kansas City at Pittsburgh! How bad would the Steelers' uniforms have to be to make you watch that game?

Kick returners around the NFL are now getting so bored with simply taking a knee in the endzone that they have adopted a new policy of taking every fourth return out of the endzone even if they catch the ball in about the sixth row of the stands behind the goal posts. It is called "The Arrelious Benn Rule".

Easiest job in the NFL - kick coverage duty for the Buccaneers with Michael Koenen booting them downfield. It is a case of running 60 yards and then walking back to the bench. Problem with the Bucs scoring so often at the moment is that you have do it about seven times a game.

From Bucko's Nuneaton correspondent comes the thought about the Bucs' new defensive back signing Danny Gorrer who was claimed on waivers last week. If he had a brother called Brendan, he would be the first Irish player on defense in NFL defense. Well he would be "B Gorrer"......

And we have a winner in the "Biggest Load of Bollocks" competition for the 2012 season. Fighting off stiff competition from numerous entries from the NFL UK Forum and international entries from Dumb and Dumber on WDAE620, comes the story that a London NFL franchise is in the running to take over using the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. There really are not words to describe just how utterly inane this is. Well OK, Boris Johnson said it.

Steve Spurrier took time out from throwing his South Carolina visor on the sideline to make a ridiculous (and albeit too late entry for the above competition) comment about Alabama having a chance against a bad NFL team. Bucko remembers this site's editor sitting behind two London Monarchs fans in 1995 listening to them discus which NFL teams the Monarchs could beat and how close they would come to a wild card entry. And they were being serious.

Thought for the week - what exactly would Norv Turner have to do to get fired in San Diego?

Has anyone else noticed how that annoying bearded twat in the blue suit who used to advertise NFL Network Thursday games has thankfully disappeared? Was he actually a replacement ref in disguise because the two vanished at the same time.

The Atlanta Falcons are 8-0 and are now adopting Jon Bon Jovi as their new mascot. As in "we're half way there ... living on a prayer".

Watching the Bucs v Raiders' game last Sunday, Bucko did like that everytime the Raiders committed a penalty (which was a lot), the camera showed their 17-year old coach Dennis Allen writing something on his naughty list on the sideline.

Another late entry in the "Talking Bollocks" category - everything Michael Strahan says on Fox Sports. At half time of the Bucs' game, he laid into Connor Barth for not making two fieldgoals. Err one was completely blocked and the other one was deflected pal. I think whatever brain cells were left after you retired flew out of the gap in your teeth.

And one final serious thought (shaddup!) for the week. NFL teams that have improved their logos and appearance after a makeover. The Bucs rank No.1 by a mile followed by Denver. The Arizona Cardinals now look like something from the 1999 World League, Philadelphia and St.Louis simply darkened their colours and Seattle's designer should be shot on sight.