Week 2, 2011
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Former Bucs still playing in the NFL
(as in, would you really want any of them back on the 2011 Buccaneers?)

LB Matt McCoy (Seattle)
DT Al Woods (Seattle)
LB Barrett Ruud (Tennessee)
TE John Gilmore (New Orleans)
S Will Allen (Pittsburgh)
RB Carnell Williams (St.Louis)
K Mike Nugent (Cincinnati)
TE Alex Smith (Cleveland)
G Russ Hochstein (Denver)
TE Will Heller (Detroit)
WR Maurice Stovall (Detroit)
QB Luke McCown (Jacksonville)
K Matt Bryant (Atlanta)

And a few training camp faces
T Dennis Roland (Cincinnati)
TE Jeron Mastrud (Miami)
S Hamza Abdullah (Arizona)

And a pair of ex-Bucs somehow still playing in the NFL
QB Bruce Gradkowski (Cincinnati)
S Sabby Piscitelli (Kansas City)
Loved the way Fox Sports were advertising their coverage of Manchester United v Chelsea to follow the Bucs' game on Sunday as if it was live and that the Glazers were going to try and get to Old Trafford. Shame it had actually finished about 10 minutes before Micheal Spurlock returned the opening kickoff.

The big Sunday night story was of course Michael Vick's return to Atlanta and naturally a bunch of protesters complaining about his presence on the field. The guy has done his time, served his penance on the bench and now has also earned his right to be back in the spotlight. Sometimes you have to forgive if not necessarily forget.

Anyone notice the Sky advert Sunday for tickets for the Wembley game? The one that showed the NFLUK website and the link you had to follow? The one that said "Bears v Buccs"? Embarrassing doesn't even come into it.

Loved Michael Vick's touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin which apparently was a Flanker In Deep Out (FIDO) route.

From the over-hyped shelf comes your very own 2-0 Houston Texans, 2-0 Detroit Lions and your 400-yard passer Cam Newton. Safe to say that only two of those can be considered "the real deal" entries though.

Poetic justice will lead Tim Tebow to wind up in Jacksonville. He's never going to get a chance to play QB in Denver (reason A - he's crap) and even saw some time at tight end during the Broncos' win over Cincinnati Sunday. Luke "Tears of" McCown had the worst QB rating in Faber college history against the Jets. So send Tebow back Jacksonville where around 50,000 Gator fans still worship him and we can all have a good laugh.

Or as Tony Reali on Around the Horn would say, "cahllleeeedddge" - anyone see the Maryland v Miami game recently? If not, then lucky you. Because the Terps' new helmet and uniform design is truly appalling and finally succeeds the 1991 Orlando Thunder as the worst uniform in football history. The helmet design looks like Milton Keynes' coat of arms.

And finally
Names missing from the list of ex-Bucs playing elsewhere in the NFL - Jeff Garcia, Michael Clayton and Simeon Rice.

Some QB needy team will surely phone Garcia during the next few weeks as apparently there are still one or two teams around the NFL that he has not pissed off with his me-first attitude.

And it is almost time for Simeon's annual interview with a local radio station in which he states that he cannot believe no-one will sign him and that he could easily get 8-10 sacks in the NFL this season. I think the technical phrase for that is bollocks.