On the road at Wembley Stadium
No sign of this site's editor at the International Series this year but have no fear Buckettes, your very own investigative reporter went along to sum up everything great about the British NFL scene. And when he could not do that, he came up with his 10 point checklist to use in all future NFL games in the UK.

1. One of the team's owners to be quoted in the press as saying he can see a franchise located here permanently in the next 5-10 years. At which point he goes back to take his level of inebriatedness to an even higher level.

2. American TV finds someone to interview in a London street who didn't even know the game was taking place. Or rely on Pro Football Weekly to do it by phone the week before.

3. Sky Sports interviews Vernon Kay on the sideline before the game. Optional mention of the fact he plays safety for a British gridiron team.

4. Katherine Jenkins' tits hang out even more than the previous year when she murders the national anthem. Bucko still definitely would though.

5. Spot someone attending the game with one NFL team's shirt on and a different NFL team's cap.

6. It pisses down with rain for at least half the day of the game.

7. One of the head coaches does a sincere interview with Neil Reynolds about being glad to be in London and looking forward to the experience. And then speeds out of the stadium/country within seconds of the game ending.

8. Over/under on reaching the A40 or the nearest tube station after the game is around two hours.

9. The tailgate event is packed with the biggest collection of muppets and dweebs since the UK Patriots took on the Local Train-number collecting society in a Monopoly match at a local pub.

10. Lip service is paid to the actual result by all the mainstream British media.

And a brief look around the NFL
There are not words to describe how bad the Pittsburgh Steelers' throwback uniforms were on Sunday. If the idea is to sell more merchandise, then this one failed miserably. Anyone seen wearing one of those shirts deserves a night out with Nick Halling. Or even a week.

Cleveland's 7-6 win over San Diego apparently saw Ricky Vaughn come out of the bullpen to close the game and Norv Turner was heard to say "I hate this f****ing song" when it happened. Most Charger fans are just fed up with Norv's broken record still going.

And continuing the Major League reference, is Jacksonville owner Shahid Khan the worst owner in sports since Rachel Phelps?