Week 2 2012
Welcome to another edition of Bucko's Column, the page that plays hard right until the final second.

And first of all, a sincere apology. In the Week 1 column there was absolutely no mention of Michael Vick opening the season in the Dog Pound. This was an unforgivable oversight and Bucko was suitably embarrassed. This was a case of Bucko doing his best Shaun King impression in missing the obvious open target.

Was that really some decent quarterbacking in Cleveland this week? After one week when Brandon Weedon's QB rating was being measured against the Richter Scale, he looked like the second coming of Brian Sipe. Hands up all those who remember Brian Sipe. OK hands up in the air.

Is there anything funnier in the NFL than a picture of Giants' coach Tom Coughlin getting the hump?

Nod of appreciation time to Steve Sabol. In fact, serious bow of acknowledgement. When your surname is completely synonomous with every film made about the NFL, your place in the Hall of Fame is confirmed. RIP Steve.

Anyone check out Pam Oliver on the sideline at Met Life Stadium last Sunday? She had more colour in her hair than the BUCPOWER editor did at Wembley last season.

Two weeks into the season and Bucko is already pissed off with Thursday night football. It screws up fantasy leagues, players, coaches and fans alike. It has led to a huge increase in work for divorce lawyers and a 94% spike in people calling into work sick on Friday mornings.

Another request following on from last week - can someone please shoot that bearded muppet from the NFL adverts? He is getting close to the Go Compare opera singer for sheer annoyance.

Boo hoo hoo - the Saints are crying over being 0-2 because they have no coach, assistant coach or GM. Well tough luck boys and girls. Next time, don't go round trying to deliberately hurt people for money.

Great Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal line of the week - "Replacement refs are like the waitress in the restaurant who tries to take your order without making notes. Sooner or later, it's going to go wrong and we're not going to tip you extra if you do get it right".

Week 3 preview time. Kansas City at New Orleans in the "someone's season is over when they lose this one" Bowl. And Jacksonville will take a strangehold on last place in the AFC when they start Blaine Gabbert against the Colts on Sunday. The name Blaine actually means "there are some people who think you are talented but everyone else knows you are not".