Week 16 2011
Welcome to a post-Christmas edition of your favourite columnist. And it must be Christmas as the sale at DFS has just ended.

The real reason Albert Haynesworth was inactive for the game in Carolina on Christmas Eve was that he needed to get to the North Pole to be on his sleigh by midnight.

Hey where have all the Tim Tebow lovers gone? Two weeks, two defeats and a pair of pretty rank performances to boot from the so-called saviour. Maybe, just maybe, Denver's winning streak must have had something to do with the defense and opposing mistakes than the "quarterback" (his word not mine).

Winner of the most over-rated team/coach/players/fans award in the NFL - the 2011 New York Jets. Give their cheerleaders some credit for performing at half-time in freezing temperatures. Then again, no-one said Big Apple women were the most intelligent out there.

The NFL was getting very worried at the Carolina v Tampa Bay game on Sunday. There are only a set number of footballs prepared for each game and the amount of touchdowns the Buc defense was giving up, there were more balls in the Panther endzone seats than left on the sideline by midway through the 4th quarter.

For those people out there who seem to think the blackout situation is a malaise limited to just Tampa, the 9-6 Cincinnati Bengals have resorted to players begging fans to come to their season finale against the Baltimore Ravens with the playoffs on the line. And the likes of Oakland, San Diego and Miami aren't exactly playing to full houses this season either.

Bucko's Week 17 prediction - ESPN will go totally over-the-top in their Sunday Countdown show and dedicate at least two hours of the three scheduled to previewing the Dallas v NY Giants game as if it is the greatest game in NFL history. Both teams are average 8-7 teams playing for the right to go one-and-done in the playoffs.

Congratulations to the Houston Texans' quarterback for proving TJ Rives is the best TJ in the NFL again this season.

And just when you thought the Indianapolis Colts had sealed the No.1 overall pick, here come a pair of wins to screw up their chances of drafting Andrew Luck. Bucko has this image of Peyton Manning sitting in a chair a la Blofeld from the Bond films laughing maniacally at the whole situation.

Perfect NFL touchdown of the year - it's Christmas Eve and a player called Rudolph scores for the Minnesota Vikings.

And one final note, a reminder to both, sorry all of Bucko's devoted readers. It's the BUCPOWER awards coming up soon and in the category for the Writer of the Year, don't forget that you can save time and effort by only writing five letters on your entry form to cast your vote for Bucko instead of someone much less-deserving with a far longer name.

Must go - DFS have a new sale starting tomorrow.