Week 13 2011
How many bad quarterbacks are there starting in the NFL right now? TJ Yates, Caleb Hanie, Vince Young, Tavaris Jackson, Rex Grossman, John Skelton, Tyler Palko and Curtis Painter to name but eight. No wonder Shaun King goes on local Tampa radio and is so bitter. Some of these eight actually make Smoothie look good.

Actually there ought to be an NFL rule on quarterback names. You just know a passer is not going to be any good when his parents have named him Caleb, Tyler or Curtis. Or Tim for that matter.

Nice touch by outgoing Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver to indulge himself one last time and fire Jack Del Rio. That was sarcasm by the way.

So the Jaguars will be looking for a new coach at the end of the season, as will in all probability Indianapolis, Miami, San Diego (and the Bucs) amongst others. How will Bill Cowher be coaching all of these teams if the local press and fans in each area is to be believed?

Stat of the season. Through the first 11 games of the season, the Buffalo Bills had a total of 16 sacks. 10 of them came in one game though.

Greatest nickname in NFL history. Jake "Snot" Locker of the Tennessee Titans.

All-time greatest line in NFL history. Bill Simmons on why Tim Tebow doesn't throw interceptions. "It's because he doesn't pass so it's like a nun getting VD. You've got to be in the situation for it to happen in the first place".

It is a shame that Del Rio did get fired before the Monday Night game between the Jaguars and the Chargers. Otherwise the NFL could have taken a leaf out of the WWF's book and had a "Loser leaves town" bet added to the game in a vain attempt to get anyone to watch.

Bill Simmons also came up with the best analogy for watching Tim Tebow play. He said it is like watching a guy try and run across the freeway. You wonder how he did it so you watch him try and do it again. But you know sooner rather than later what is going to happen.

Is Rob Ryan of the Cowboys the scruffiest coach in the history of the NFL? I've heard he is only there so Ron Diaz (Dumb from Dumb & Dumber on WDAE620) has someone to model his hair on.

Ndamukong Suh had a meeting with Roger Goodell during the off-season about what he could and couldn't do on the NFL field. Where exactly in the conversation did "stamping on an opponent's head" get missed?