Week 12 2011
Welcome to Bucko's Column, the one where stamping on people when they are down is legitimate and generally encouraged.

Of course the Super Bowl is not going to be of any concern to Buccaneer fans in a couple of months, but there are real concerns about the number of tickets available in Indianapolis. The 80,000 capacity of the RCA Dome is going to be almost completely filled with competition winners.

Every TV advert in the States is seemingly offering a trip to the Super Bowl as a prize. Use your Visa card, win a trip to Indy. Go super size on your Big Mac, win a trip to Indy. Use the gap in Michael Strahan's teeth as a bottle opener ... you get the picture.

Guest NFL analysis
Admiral Ackbar describes what kind of game the Green Bay Packers face this week against the Giants.
It is hard enough for real fans of their team to get to see a Super Bowl without all the prize winners taking the seats. And don't forget there will be around 1,000 people there this time making up for Jerry Jones shafting them out of seats in Dallas last year and the NFL desperately trying to avoid the lawsuit of all-time from those who missed out.

Has anyone else noticed that when the Buffalo Bills wear their all-white uniforms, they look like the Washington Sentinels from "The Replacements"? Then again, I think most Buffalo fans would rather have Shane Falco playing quarterback than Ryan "$59M man" Fitzpatrick. But that's the ownership's valuation, not that of everyone else on this planet.

Great story from John Lynch on the Fox commentary on Sunday as he reported Titans' offensive co-ordinator Chris Palmer had described Albert Haynesworth as "a diet coke short of 380". When someone told Albert that the Bucs played a defense that was perfect for him, I think he meant it was one entitled "All you can eat".

Kudos to the Tennessee PR team for thoughtfully putting the word "CHEERLEADER" on the backs of their cheerleaders' tops so you knew who they were. Country and Western music has proven for years that people from Nashville are not the most intelligent in the world, but this is really taking it to the most basic level.

Following on from this theme, the security staff will have ones marked "SECURITY", the coaching staff ones marked "COACH" and FOX Sports sideline reporter Laura Okmin will have one entitled "DOG".