Do you think Greg Schiano has done enough yet to save his job at the end of this season?

If you'd asked me three, or maybe even two weeks ago then I'd have laughed. Schiano was a dead man walking, and probably still is, but you have to believe what we see and hear from inside One Buc Place. He has not lost the team. He may have lost several star players but he hasn't lost the dressing room. When leaders like Donald Penn and Gerald McCoy come out and talk about the man with such passion and belief it carries weight.

I don't approve of a lot of things that the Schiano era has done, or does. But when you see the team playing like they are FOR their leader it shows something is still working. If Schiano can get this team of backups and rookies to anywhere near .500 (I'm thinking six wins) then I think he has earned the right to still have his job next year.

Like a player coming into the NFL you realise very quickly that its a different game. Schiano is learning you can't treat these athletes like college kids and his recent softer approach and belief in the team's leaders is paying dividends.

I think too much has been accredited to the coach, since the recent three victories. This is the team playing out their skins and trying their best for the team. Yes he may be winning with scrubs and backups but this is a coach that after sitting 6-4 in 2012, lost five in a trot and only one against a Falcons team resting their starters, including a shut out against the Saints. He then goes another eight games losing (excluding the preseason).

Some of these games were exceptionally close, granted, but thats the difference between a coach and a leader. There is a lot of talk about he is inspiring the locker room now, but where was the inspiration, earlier in the season and the implosion of 2012? I will also acknowledge the issues in the start of the season (Freeman & MRSA) but a good coach should have guided the team better than he did.

To me he has left it too late to show what he is capable of and while he is coaching for his skin now. Why could he not perform with a healthier team earllier in his Bucs career? We won recent games against a BAD Dolphins and Falcons, and while the team played outstanding against the Lions, Stafford had a shocker throwing 4, yes 4 picks and the game was still within a score. Next up are the Panthers who are on fire and this will be a true test of Coach Schiano's skill and one of his last Buccaneers' games. But win or lose, FIRE THOSE CANNONS!

Going into the Seattle game, Coach Schiano was a dead man walking. Nothing had gone right and everything had gone wrong, the only thing left that hadn't humiliated him was a passing dog giving him a kick, and even that could have been arranged by outraged fans.

We all expected a kicking but were astounded when the Bucs took a hefty early lead. Trick plays, solid passing, enthusiastic running and some demonic defense made us wonder where this team had come from. Even though we lost to Seattle that same team has turned up and won three weeks in a row.

Coach Schiano hasn't lost the players and this speaks volumes for his prospects next year. If the team continues to play this well until the end of the season and has some more wins, he'll have done more than enough to save his job. The fan base may not like it, but he'd have earned it.

Hey, itís not my opinion that counts but those of the Glazers. But to me it splits into two questions; is Greg the man for the job long-term, versus has he shown us fans the goods this year. Letís take the second question first. 0-8. That was tough to take week in week out. We started well, played close, but managed to lose. Now? Well, itís still close but weíre finding ways to win.

Long term? The jury is still out. Each win takes me closer to being a believer. Each run play on 2nd and 20 takes me further away. I trust the players, and they still seem to be rallying round.