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Scott Smith, Jeff Kamis & the Buccaneers PR team, NFL Films, The Tampa Tribune, The St.Petersburg Times, Jake Jahimiak, Nick Houllis, Pat Toomay, Fred Pagac, Dave Reavis, Steve Wilson, Steve Young, Parnell Dickinson, Richard Wood, Joey Johnston & Chris Harry.
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The birth of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach John McKay - finding something to laugh about was hard

A pre-season interview with John McKay

Classic John McKay quotes

Future Buc GM Rich McKay was a ball-boy on that team

Some of the best stories from 1976

The amazing story of John C Wilson and NFL Films

Fred Pagac played TE for the 1976 Bucs and is now an NFL coach

How the 1976 Bucs were put together

Pat Toomay played for the 1976 Bucs and is now a respected writer

30 years on, many of the 1976 Bucs got together

Some of the funny stories and myths surrounding the 1976 Bucs

NFL Films somehow made a highlight film and then re-visited it

They said it - more great quotes concerning the 1976 team