Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19 Kansas City Chiefs 28
Sunday 31 October 1976 at Tampa Stadium
KC 9:13-1Q Stenerud FG42
KC 12:11-2Q Stenerud FG32
KC 13:22-3Q Masters 2 pass from Livingston (Stenerud kick)
KC 8:11-3Q White 2 pass from Livingston (Stenerud kick)
TB10:55-4Q McKay 8 pass from Spurrier (kick failed)
KC 8:06-4Q Lane 2 run (kick failed)
TB5:14-4Q Johnson 1 run (kick failed)
TB2:16-4Q Novak 30 pass from Spurrier (Green kick)
KC 0:43-4Q Safety - Current recovered fumble in endzone

BUCS: DuBose 4-12, McNeill 2-8, Carter 10-6, E.Johnson 4-4, Owens 1-(-16).
CHIEFS: Reamon 18-60, Lane 14-52, Marshall 1-11, Harrison 2-7, Podolak 3-6, McNeil 1-1, Livingston 4-(-1).
BUCS: Spurrier 36-20-212-0-2.
CHIEFS: Livingston 30-17-183-2-2.
BUCS: Johnson 8-85, McNeill 3-7, McKay 2-46, Carter 2-24, Novak 1-30, Owens 1-11, Ryczek 1-6, Pagac 1-5, DuBose 1-(-2).
CHIEFS: Lane 4-47, Reamon 4-33, White 3-42, Masters 3-32, Brunson 1-14, Harrison 1-12, Podolak 1-3.
BUCS: Cotney 1-25, Jordan 1-0.
CHIEFS: none.
BUCS: Johnson 2-52, McNeil 1-33, Carter 1-11.
OPPONENTS: Harrison 2-56, Williams 1-19, Adams 1-0.
BUCS: Reece 2-3.
OPPONENTS: Brunson 1-48.
BUCS: none.
OPPONENTS: Lohmeyer 2-19, Estes 1-4, Team 1-7.
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The Chiefs threatened to blow the Bucs off the field in the third quarter but were unable to deliver the death blow and almost found themselves run out of Tampa Stadium. Mike Livingston passed for two third-period touchdowns to go with a pair of first-half fieldgoals by Jan Stenerud to give Kansas City, six point favourites, a commanding 20-0 lead entering the fourth quarter.

But veteran Steve Spurrier, held to only 34 yards passing at that point, passed for two scores and set up a third as the winless Bucs tried to pull the game out. But the worst-ranked Chief defense stiffened and forced a safety in the closing minutes when tackle Mike Current fell on a Spurrier fumble in his own endzone. John McKay's take on the game:" It is the turning point. For the bad. And that's the best thing I can say."
LT71 Young LDE78 Rudolph
LG72 Fest DT76 Pear
C51 Ryczek DT63 LSelmon
RG79 Wilson RDE66 Toomay
RT74 Current LLB30 Gunn
TE82 Pagac MLB52 Reese
WR85 Owens RLB54 Wood
WR89 McKay LCB25 Jordan
FB35 DuBose SS33 Cotney
RB32 Carter FS28 Stone
QB11 Spurrier RCB46 Reese
4 Green, 19 Johnson, 22 McNeill, 27 Davis, 53 Ball, 55 Hunt, 56 Cooper, 61 DSelmon, 64 Robinson, 67 Alward, 70 Young, 77 Little, 80 Novak, 84 Douglas, 88 Smith
5 Hanratty, 18 Dickinson, 40 Washington, 43 Williams, 58 CPeterson, 86 Moore
26 Davis, 44 Moore