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RB Reggie Cobb  1990-93  (47) OL Garrett Gilkey  2014-  (25) WR Vince Heflin  1986  (56) Cobb had four decent seasons with the Bucs having been a 2nd round pick and went on to become a scout for the team.
38  A trick two-point conversion The final game of the 2000 regular season and the Bucs were 14-9 down in Green Bay having just scored on a Shaun King pass to Keyshawn Johnson. Everyone knew they needed a two-point conversion and a hand-off to Warrick Dunn, reverse to Mike Alstott and pitch to Shaun King later, they had it.
THE BUC POWER FACEBOOK PAGE Each of the videos shown in our daily countdown feature is also posted on our Facebook page.  Many people have commented on each of the daily clips and added their own thoughts and memories about each one.   We are getting close to 1,000 people involved in the Buc Power page so why not join up with them now and send a friend request?    The name is two words and is not a group or board but simply its own unique account.  There are many current and former Buccaneer players already involved.