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THE 1926 LOS ANGELES BUCCANEERS Every Bucs fan knows that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers started play in the 1976 NFL season and went winless in their first 26 games. But how many of you know that 50 years earlier, another Buccaneers' team took the field in the NFL and posted a winning season? Long before the days of Gene Deckerhoff, Dave Moore and TJ Rives ... well OK, long before the days of Dave and TJ then, back in the early days of the NFL, when teams came and went every season, a team that called itself the Los Angeles Buccaneers played in the 1926 NFL season. Click here for the BUCPOWER feature article
BUCPOWER IN LAS VEGAS Thanks to an introduction from TJ Rives, I have now become a regular guest on the top-rated sports radio show in the gambling capital of the world. TC Martin has been involved in sports radio for many years and to have the chance to discuss the Bucs, Lightning and all things British sports is a great opportunity. Click here for the most recent appearance
BUCCANEER BIRTHDAYS July 25th sees Stylez G White turn 42.  He recorded 24 sacks in his four seasons with the Bucs from 2007-10 and is a larger than life character on social media now too.  WR Gordon Jones (64) was a 2nd round pick in 1979 who also played four years in Tampa. Neither QB Mike Kafka (34) or WR Terrence Nunn (35) saw any actual playing time in their brief stays on the Buccaneer all-time roster.
COMING TO AMERICA “Good morning my neighbours!” The response to Eddie Murphy is the same as that given to British travellers wanting to fly across the Atlantic.    Even someone who has had both jabs such as myself is stuck on this side of the pond for now, particularly as I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine.   So right now, the chance of being at a Buc home game in 2021 looks unlikely.   But to quote another iconic movie from the 1980s, “I’ll be back”. Paul Stewart
TODAY’S VIDEO HIGHLIGHT One of the most popular parts of BUCPOWER.COM are the daily video clips as we look back at something that happened on this day in franchise history. These will begin on July 31, the 45th anniversary of the first appearance of the Bucs on the field in their initial exhibition game in Los Angeles in 1976. Until then we will look back at each game from the 2020 season, a campaign that began behind closed doors and continued through the pandemic until victory in Super Bowl LIV at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 Kansas City Chiefs 9 Sunday 6 February 2021      at Raymond James Stadium At the end of an incredible run for Tampa sports, the Bucs completed the saga with their second Super Bowl success totally man-handling the Chiefs’ high- powered offense and holding them out of the endzone throughout the game.  The offense had five excellent drives and then watched the pressure get to Patrick Mahomes.  The Vince Lombardi Trophy was back in Tampa Bay. Click here for all the game details, reports and other video highlights
THROWBACKS IN 2022 The NFL finally announced a change to their helmet protocol rules last month which opens the way for throwback helmets to be used starting with the 2022 season.  This will give the Bucs the opportunity to wear their Bucko Bruce colours once again, something the franchise has long stated a willingness to do once per year at home. Throwback orange jerseys began in 2009 on Lee Roy Selmon’s induction and were worn once each season through 2012.   The Bucs did wear throwback white jerseys twice in 1994 as part of the NFL’s 75th anniversary.