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ON THIS DAY IN BUC HISTORY October 26, 1980 -   That win on the West Coast Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 San Francisco 49ers 23 Click here for the BUCPOWER game screen - stats and pictures Garo Yepremian's 30-yard fieldgoal with 47 seconds remaining gave the Bucs their first-ever win on the West Coast, and a win that would remain as the only such one for another 16 years until Tampa Bay defeated San Diego under Tony Dungy. This was the game that Fox Sports made reference to during last Sunday’s game coverage but came part of the 1980 Bucs’ disappointing 5-10-1 campaign following on from their division title the year before.  A young Joe Montana led the early version of Bill Walsh’s West Coast offense but the Bucs' final drive was a 16-play, 68-yard effort that included an 11-yard pass from Doug Williams to Ricky Bell on 4th and 9.
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DIALLING UP A CLEVER BLITZ One of the key plays in Sunday’s win over the 49ers was a sack by CB Jude Adjei-Barimeh that led to a fumble recovery by Gerald McCoy.  The play was part of a clever defensive gameplan by Mike Smith that managed to put pressure on Colin Kaepernick whilst at times trying to contain his outside running ability. This play uses the All-22 coaches film and shows two views of the play.  The Bucs are in a nickel defense with their two linebackers, Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David, showing blitz in the A-gap. As the 49ers bring one of their tight ends into the backfield, Alexander signals for Adjei-Barimeh to come off the edge and rush the passer knowing he no longer has coverage responsibilities.  At the snap, both linebackers drop into coverage and S Chris Conte blitzes from the left side where he has been playing on the line.  The 49ers left tackle takes on DE Noah Spence leaving Adjei-Barimeh to come in untouched from the blind side and record a strip-sack which McCoy recovers. The fact that the Bucs’ corners were hardly mentioned in the game commentary was testimount to their coverage on the day and why Kaerpenick had to run so often.  When Mike Smith gets the rest of his defensive line stars back from injury, expect more clever play designs like this to follow.