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Countdown to the 2015 NFL draft
We are now just over a month away from the 2015 draft in which of course the Bucs will be selecting first.  So as the countdown to being on the clock continues, we will look at some of the past 39 Buc drafts, both good and bad. 2005 -  The selection of Cadillac Williams was a good one as no-one could have forseen the two terrible knee injuries he would suffer.  Hits on both Barrett Ruud and Alex Smith followed and Dan Buenning was a useful player in his first season as a Buccaneer. The trade for Luke McCown was a pretty good one too. Overall, well above average and had Cadillac stayed healthy, it would have been a super draft class. Click here for all the details on the 2005 draft
WR Brice Hunter  1997-98 RB Carnell Williams  2005-10  (33) Ironic that on the day we focus on the 2005 draft, Cadillac Williams is celebrating his 33rd birthday today.   He fought back from two terrible knee injuries and gave everything he had during his six seasons as a Buc.  Perhaps he was not worth the 5th overall selection on pure performance but on heart and effort, he was a really good Tampa Bay Buccaneer.
The 2015 NFL Draft takes place in Chicago from April 30th to May 2nd.  The Bucs currently have seven selections in the draft. Round 1 - 1st overall Round 2 - 34th overall Round 3 - 65th overall Round 5 - 162nd overall (from Baltimore) Round 6 - 184th overall (from St.Louis) Round 7 - 218th overall