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BUCPOWER.COM was launched in January 2002 and is the most renowned Bucs fan site in the world.  It has now exceeded 10 million hits since its launch and is the definitive resource site about the franchise with every player and game featured within its pages.   The site has always been free to access and now has over 5,500 different screens and over 14,000 images dating back to the first appearance n 1976 and is run from England by long-time Buc fan and team historian Paul Stewart.
BUCPOWER ON FACEBOOK Hundreds of Bucs fans around the world have linked in with this site through social media  and you can too.  Simply search on Facebook for Buc Power and send a friend request.  Then you can see the daily video highlights that we add there as well as looking back at ones added in the past.
IMPORTANT NOTE Although this site is produced from the UK, it has no involvement or association with any other British-based Buccaneer organisation and would advise any Tampa Bay fan around the world to adopt the same policy.
WHO WERE THE 100? The countdown was completed in mid-August but where were your favourite players in the All-Time Greatest 100 Buccaners Feature? Click here for the full countdown
THE 100 BEST BUCS How do you go about making such a countdown?  What were the criteria used in putting together this all-time list? Click here for more on this story
ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY October 17, 1976 -   The first Tampa Bay touchdown pass Click here for the game reports and video highlights from this game Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10  Seattle Seahawks 13 This was Expansion Bowl as the immobile force met the moveable obstruction.  Two first-year and winless teams going at it inside Tampa Stadium in a game that probably set the NFL back 20 years as a watchable event.  The officials walked off a total of 310 yards. Of the 41 penalties called (including 16 for holding). 35 were accepted, making the game the most penalized NFL game in 25 years. The game was summed up best by Steve Spurrier when he said "We're pretty close to being a good team, but right now, we're pretty terrible.” The Bucs did record their first-ever touchdown pass in the game but being the expansion Bucs, it was anything but normal.  RB Louis Carter was stopped short by Seattle defenders, so he turned and shovelled the ball to WR Moms Owens who stepped into the endzone cutting the Seahawks' lead to 13-10.  With one final chance, Tampa Bay drove into Seattle territory. With less than a minute to go, Dave Green lined up for a 35-yard field goal attempt that would send the game into overtime.  Mike Curtis blocked the kick to save the game for Seattle, and possibly the fans, who probably couldn't take any more.
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RIP KEVIN CADLE Devasting NFL news - Kevin Cadle, my long-time friend and co-host when I worked on the NFL coverage at Sky Sports has passed away. I knew he was ill but did not realise it was this bad. He was a great basketball coach and a tremendous colleague on set at Isleworth. Many tributes have been paid in the world of the NFL UK with Mike Carlson writing a wonderful piece about the dangers of working live with Kev and being “Cadled”, something I remember well.   Neil Reynolds has also done a very moving video tribute which can be found on the main NFL UK site.   Something is also being prepared for this Sunday’s NFL game at Twickenham to pay tribute to Kevin. He was not a natural presenter when he first started but he grew into the anchor role over the years until the point where it was not the same without him.  And it never will be again. RIP Big Man.