50 MEMORABLE GAMES IN BUC HISTORY This is a countdown looking back at memorable games throughout the 44-year playing history of the Tampa Bay NFL franchise.  These will not all be great victories, far from it.  But every one of these games will have a story to tell about the varied fortunes of the Buccaneers since the very first game in the Houston Astrodome in 1976. 
7  THE WORST WEATHER GAME 1 December 1985   Buccaneers 0 Packers 21 The legendary Snow Bowl.  This was probably the worst conditions that an NFL game has ever been played in. A foot of snow was on the field at kickoff time and another four inches fell during it.   The Bucs were in white and Steve Young couldn't even see his receivers at times through the blizzard. The Bucs were outgained 512- 65 which makes the final 21 point margin seem amazingly small.   Less than 20,000 actually braved the conditions with over 45,000 no-shows at Lambeau Field. Steve Young threw one completed pass to a wide receiver, a 10-yarder to Kevin House when both players agreed in the huddle that it was a stat they had to ensure happened.  Poor old Kevin - he’s still trying to warm up from this game! Click here for reports, stats and pictures from this game
STAT ATTACK A weekly look at some of the Top 10 lists in franchise history.   The longest fieldgoals made by a Buc kicker.  How many of these do you remember? 62 Matt Bryant PHI 2006 59 Chandler Catanzaro CLE 2018 58 Kyle Brindza HOU 2015 58 Matt Gay LAR 2019 57 Michael Husted LA 1993 57 Connor Barth WAS 2012 55 Martin Gramatica DET 2000 55 Connor Barth HOU 2011 55 Connor Barth DEN 2012 55 Patrick Murray NO 2014
TRIVIA TIME Who is this former Buccaneer tight end and what role did he play in shaping the Super Bowl roster? LAST WEEK’S QUESTION:- Who was the first Buc to rush for 100 yards in a single game?   If that is too easy, how about 150 yards in a game or 200 yards?   Jimmy DuBose, Ricky Bell and James Wilder.
REMEMBERING THE REPLACEMENTS It is 33 years since the NFL went on strike during 1987. There was no nine-week suspension of games as there had been in 1982, but instead the owners put together "scab" teams of fringe replacement players and the three games they played counted towards NFL standings. But all around the NFL these days, the players who appeared in those games are treated still with disdain. Their statistics appear with an asterisk, or in the Bucs' own all-time roster, listed separately at the end. But as far as BUCPOWER.COM is concerned, everyone of these players is regarded as a Buccaneer - they have their own profile page on the site, all their statistics are shown where available, and now they have this new feature to fully remember them by. The replacement Buccaneers went 2-1, half of the overall 4-11 mark posted by Ray Perkins' first team. They were not an overly-talented team and won both their games more on account of opponents' mistakes, but they will always be shown as a winning team. Click here for the full section on the B-Bucs with multiple stories and features on the 1987 strike team