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YESTERDAY IN BUC HISTORY August 26th 2016 - Something different! I am not going back to look at past pre-season games today!   I want to enjoy last night’s excellent Buccaneer performance so here is Adam Humphries’ punt return touchdown during the second quarter. The normal daily look back at past games will resume tomorrow so apologies to all the Robert Claiborne fans out there who wanted to see his 1993 touchdown against the Browns that would have run. My thanks incidentally to all the people who post positive comments about these highlight clips on the BUC POWER Facebook page.  We have had some interesting discussions in recent days over some of the plays with even the players involved adding their memories of the particular moment.  I have a lot of new ones lined up for when the regular season flashbacks begin next week.
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BUCPOWER ON FACEBOOK Hundreds of Bucs fans around the world have linked in with this site through the social media option and you can too.  Simply search on Facebook for “Buc Power” and send a friend request.  Then you can see the daily video highlights that we add there as well as looking back at the memorable ones we have added in the past.
BUCS 30 BROWNS 13 - A ROCK-STAR PERFORMANCE Let’s just check some of the things I wanted to see from the game against the Browns:- Some kind of decent offensive performance - CHECK The passing game in shape - CHECK Good protection for Jameis - CHECK The ball being spread around amongst the receivers - CHECK On the defensive side, some pressure from the front four - CHECK Roberto Aguayo - nothing less than a perfect night is going to be enough - CHECK That’s more checks than a Magnus Carlson World Championship chess game - the offense was just spectacular with Jameis passing for over 250 yards in the first half alone.  Because that was all the playing time the first string needed - they were that good. Aguayo was perfect, the defense had eight sacks and the new video scoreboards at Raymond James Stadium had enough Buccaneer highlights to keep Tampa Bay fans around the world happy beyond their wildest expectations. Yes it is only the pre-season and yes it was only the Browns but the third pre-season game is the one that most people take notice of.  And that performance on the field by Dirk Koetter’s squad last night will have earned them a lot of national attention.