2018 SEASON at New Orleans 48-40 v Philadelphia 27-21 v Pittsburgh 27-30 at Chicago 10-48 at Atlanta 29-34 v Cleveland 26-23 at Cincinnati 34-37 at Carolina 28-42 v Washington 3-16 at NY Giants 18 Nov v San Francisco 25 Nov v Carolina 2 Dec v New Orleans 9 Dec at Baltimore 16 Dec at Dallas 23 Dec v Atlanta 30 Dec at Miami 26-24 at Tennessee 30-14 v Detroiit 30-33 v Jacksonville 10-25
VIDEO ARCHIVE - 13 YEARS AGO TODAY The Buccaneers and Redskins were involved in an offensive shootout with Chris Simms throwing for three touchdowns in his first NFL start.   The final one to Edell Shepherd brought the Bucs to 35-34 down with under a minute left and Jon Gruden sent his offense back out on to the field for a two-point conversion to win it.  A Tampa defense that could not stop anyone - who would have believed it?    The A- Train did/did not get over (delete dependent on who you support) and the Bucs had a one-point win on their way to the NFC South division title.    "He's like Gale Sayers," Simms said. "Give him 6 inches and he'll run over everybody else." Click here for more details on this game
BUCS LEAD NFL IN FOOT SHOOTING How many different ways can a team frustrate their fans?  Red zone interception - check.  Fumble through the endzone - check.  Dropped passes - check.  Missed fieldgoal - you can have two of them.    This was a Redskin team with probably the worst offensive line in the league due to injuries - and yet our apparent vaunted but definitely high-paid defensive line was hardly noticeable. Even though the Bucs are about to play two of the worst teams in the league the next fortnight, can you honestly expect them to win?   This team is re-enacting 2011 all over again and simply plummeting towards oblivion once more.