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BUCPOWER.COM was launched in January 2002 and is the most renowned Bucs fan site in the world.  It has now exceeded 10 million hits since its launch and is the definitive resource site about the franchise with every player and game featured within its pages.   The site has always been free to access and now has over 5,500 different screens and over 14,000 images dating back to the first appearance n 1976 and is run from England by long-time Buc fan and team historian Paul Stewart.
BUCPOWER ON FACEBOOK Hundreds of Bucs fans around the world have linked in with this site through social media  and you can too.  Simply search on Facebook for Buc Power and send a friend request.  Then you can see the daily video highlights that we add there as well as looking back at ones added in the past.
IMPORTANT NOTE Although this site is produced from the UK, it has no involvement or association with any other British-based Buccaneer organisation and would advise any Tampa Bay fan around the world to adopt the same policy.
WHO WERE THE 100? The countdown was completed in mid-August but where were your favourite players in the All-Time Greatest 100 Buccaners Feature? Click here for the full countdown
THE 100 BEST BUCS How do you go about making such a countdown?  What were the criteria used in putting together this all-time list? Click here for more on this story
ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY Sept 19, 1999 -    Giving Donovan a rude welcome Click here for the game reports and video highlights from this game Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19  Philadelphia Eagles 5 Of all the teams you really did not want to face on your NFL debut, the Tampa defense of the late 1990s was top of that list as a rookie Donovan McNabb found out to his dismay.    Nine sacks, two interceptions and the future leader of the Eagle offense was left splattered all over the Veterans Stadium turf.  "It's always special when you get a new quarterback,'' Warren Sapp said. ``It's new meat, you know.' Trent Dilfer threw a pair of touchdown passes to calm the furore over his terrible Week 1 performance against the Giants, finding Bert Emanuel from 19 yards in the first quarter and then Mike Alstott from 17 yards out to complete the scoring with 6:25 remaining. "I've got to get better. I've got to play better for us to win the big games," said Dilfer. "And I'll do that. But today, our defense played great, we ran the ball and we did what we had to do.
THE LATEST UPDATE - THE 1984 SEASON Behind the scenes on BUCPOWER.COM, a lot is going on.   The game screens are all being modified and renovated, a season at a time.   A new-look for each game, more detailed stats, more pictures and video highlights from each one.    10 seasons have already been completed and the latest one to be finished is 1984, a year that saw one of the best offenses in Buccaneer history. Click here to visit the new and improved 1984 game screens This was the year of Kevin House and Gerald Carter, Jimmie Giles and Steve DeBerg and the emergence of the greatest all-round offensive threat in franchise history, the legendary James Wilder.   It is only when you watch games from this year that you truly appreciate just how good No.32 was for the Buccaneer offense.  He needs to be in the Ring of Honor sooner rather than later. 1984 always hold special memories for me as not only have I become friends with so many players on that team, both offense and defense, but it is the season I played most often with Statis Pro cards.  I still have my 1984 set to this day with pictures added to the back of each cards and a Buccaneer decorated playing field.  Statis Pro was a great card- based NFL game that gave you the chance to play as much player strategy as any modern day Madden edition.   Great memories indeed.