This is the time of the year when we go numerically through all the players who appeared for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the past season, look at their performance, profile them and perhaps add comments on their prospective future with the franchise. 28  VERNON HARGREAVES    Games 9 Starts 8 Started the first eight games of the season before losing his starting role. Was inactive for several weeks through injury before finally being placed on IR. Was the Bucs' top pick and the 11th overall selection of the 2016 draft. Had an excellent rookie season starting every game beginning in a nickel role and then moving to an outside corner position. Was a three-year starter for the Gators and a unanimous All-American selection at cornerback in his junior season. Click here for his full profile and picture gallery page
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Buccaneer birthdays
FEBRUARY 18th There are three former Bucs with birthdays today but again this is one of those days when you wonder if you even remember any of them even the most recent, RB DJ Ware who played every game of the 2012 season without impressing that much.  He is 33 today.   S  Randy Clark (56) played two games on special teams during the 1984 season and TE Charles Waddell (65) did not even make it on to the field during his brief spell on the roster during 1977.
BONUS DECISION TIME The new NFL year officially begins in March.  This is when the new salary cap numbers come into play, pro-rated bonuses move on another year and teams invariably have to make decisions about certain players.   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two decisions to make before March 18th in this way. Chris Baker certainly wore out his welcome off the field with stories of an indifferent attitude and his play on the field was not what the Bucs expected when they signed him to a three-year free agent deal 12 months ago.  He has a $4.875M base salary for 2018 but if he is on the roster on March 18th, then $3M of this becomes fully guaranteed.   So if the Bucs are going to make a decision to release him, it will come in the next four weeks. On a similar vein, Robert Ayers is due a $1M roster bonus on that same date.   His contract is not guaranteed in the way Bakerís is but you could see a decision on his roster position coming before the start of the new NFL year. Incidentally the only other player on the roster with a major bonus due is Jameis Winston who will receive a $3.186M payment on the fifth day of training camp in July.  I think it is safe to say the check has already been written and is awaiting signature. There are other players who could be released to free up some additional cap space (Joe Hawley perhaps) or others who could see re-negotations (JR Sweezy) but none of them have the same impending bonus implications that Ayers and Baker do.    The Bucs are also in contact with free agent Brent Grimes should he decide to return for another year or two of playing corneerback in the NFL.  Once these preliminary issues are resolved, then the process of spending money on free agents can begin as well as continuing talks with Mike Evans who will be moving into his fifth year option on the rookie contract he signed in 2014.