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THE ALL-TIME BUCCANEER TEAM - QUARTERBACKS AND TIGHT ENDS Choosing an all-time 53-man roster from the history of the Buccaneers has certainly started some great discussions on social media and the next section on the backs will do the same.    You have to remember that we are not just selecting the best at the position over the 42 years of the Bucs in the NFL but those who would fit best into a notional roster.    We are also only counting performances for the Buccaneers not what those players achieved in their entire NFL careers. The final set positions on our roster are the quarterbacks and the tight ends as we will look at special teams and off-field categories in the final chapter.  There are three of each on our all-53 roster and outside of the definite selection of Doug Williams to quarterback our notional team and Jimmie Giles to be our primary tight end, the other selections may cause a little more discussion. Click here for the full feature Click below for the previous selections:- OFFENSIVE LINE RECEIVERS LINEBACKERS BACKS  SECONDARY D-LINE